S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1. Mohd. Amin Mir Chemistry Studies on the Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Value (S) of Taraxacum Officinale. 12/15/2016
2. Swati Raina Management Antecedents and Consequences of Strategic Green Marketing Orientation (SGMO). 12/17/2016
3. Monika Dahiya Management An Emirical Study on Preferred Investment Avenues Among Salaried Personnel with Special Reference to Saharanpur City. 12/17/2016
4. Kadambari Agarwal CSE Design and Development of Multi Cast Routing Algorithm for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks. 12/22/2016
5. Poonam Tripathi Pharmacy Investigation and Comparison of Pharmacodynamic Interaction of Antidiabetic Herbs with Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents in Rats. 12/23/2016
6. Shilpa Srivastava CSE E-Health Services: Aspects and Analysis. 12/24/2016
7. Amit Kumar Uniyal Applied Science EOQ Models with and without permissible delay in payments. 12/24/2016
8. Vikas Goel CSE An energy efficient non uniform indexing technique for multiple wireless broadcast channel. 1/2/2017

04-November- 2016 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Ms. Manjusha Microbiology Molecular Characterization of HIV Associated Tuberculosis 04-10-2016
2 Ms. Meetakshi Belwal Management Assessment of Teachers Retention in Private Professional Institutes and Universities 15-10-2016
3 Ms. Harshita Microbiology Comparative Polymer Biodegradation Studies Using Carrier Based Formulations of Indigenously Developed Bacterial Consortia 21-10-2016
4 Ms. Poonam Joshi Chemistry Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Sapium Sebiferum and Vallaris Solanacea 22-10-2016
5 Ms. Usha Jaiswal Management Impact of Pranic Healing on Leadership Effectiveness – A Critical Study 22-10-2016
6 Mr. Shibnath Kamila Pharmacy Polyphyto Formulations and Pharmacological Screening for its Memory Modulatory Activity 24-10-2016

28-September- 2016 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No. Name Topic Subject Date of Viva Voce Roll No.
1 Mr. Sanket Kumar Saxena Derivatives of Seed Oil as A Biodegradable Lubricant Applied Sciences (Chemistry) 8/30/2016 10001024009
2 Ms. Nidhi Sethi A New Cryptographic Strategy for Digital Images CSE 9/26/2014 12001001100
3 Mr. Lal Chand Bishnoi A Novel Method for Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks CSE 9/5/2016 09001001011
4 Mr. Abhishek Bansal Development & Evaluation of Biolayers for Translingual Delivery of Bisoprolol and Atrorvastatin Pharamcy 9/8/2016 09001016011

07-September- 2016 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No. Name Topic Subject Date of Viva Voce Roll No.
1 Subhash Chandra Evaluation of Nutritional Profile and Medicinal value of some Important Nutraceuticals of Garhwal Himalaya Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) 12-04-16 10001024017
2 M.H. Kalubarme Development of Cotton yield Models using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing, Soil and Agrometeorological Data in GIS Environment Environment Science 04-03-16 120001021006
3 Ms. Rekha Bisht Phytochemical and Pharmacological evauation of isolated compounds of Desmodium Gangeticum and Abroma Augusta Pharmacy 28-04-16 09001016005
4 Ms. Sonika Kandari Design of QoS Monet Architecture for optimizing performance of routing Protocols CSE 30-06-16 09001001002
5 Ms. Sindhu Hak Gupta Performance Analysis coded cooperative communication ECE 11-07-16 10001002038
6 Mr. Touseef Husain Detection and Quantification of Phytophthora Infestans in Host Tissues and Infested Soil Life Sciences (Biotechnology) 25-07-16 10001017015
7 Mr. Balaji Madhavrao Patil Probing Based Approach for Fault Localization in Computer Networks. Computer Sciences & Engineering 06-08-16 10001001076
8 Mr. Sanjay Singh Phytochemical and Pharmacological Screening of Medicinal Plants in Uttarakhand Region for
Antidiabetic Activity
Pharmacy 09-08-16 09001016020
9 Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Pandey Impact of Lifestyle on Buyer’s Brand Preference – A Study of Selected Consumer Durables. Management 12-08-16 10001015082
10 Mr. Rajeev Saran Ahluwalia Integrated approach for snow and glacier melt runoff studies in beas basin, Western Himalaya, India Geophysics/Geology 16-08-16 110001021004
11 Mr. Rishabh Dev Pandey Pharmacological Screening of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants for Their Effect on Cognitive Function and Influence of Brain Cholinergic
Pharmacy 22-08-16 09001016016

06-April- 2016 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No Name of Candidate Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1. Akhilesh Kumar Tripathi Pharmacy Development and Evaluation of Antidiabetic Polyherbal Formulation Containing some Indigenous Medicinal Plants 2/24/2016
2. Aruna Rani CSE Design analysis and applications of micro- strip antenna and its fractals using genetic concept and software tool 2/29/2016
3. Nasiruddin Ahmad Farooqui Pharmacy Analytical method development and
validation of few herbal compounds
isolated from Neem and Vasaka by high performance liquid Chromatography
4. Anshita Goel Appliesd Science (Bioinformatics) Identification and In Silico Characterization of Calcium Binding Proteins/Transporters Involved in the Spatio-Temporal Distribution and Accumulation of Calcium in Eleusine Coracana 3/8/2016
5. Rupesh Dudhe Pharmacy Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and
Validation of Pyrimidine Derivatives
6. Manjeet Gupta CSE Performance Enhancement in Multitenant’s Application for Geographical Data Centres in Private Cloud. 3/26/2016

17-Feb- 2016 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No Name of Candidate Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1. Shilpa Pahwa Pharmacy Screening of Plants under BauhiniaSpecies for their Antidiabetic andAntimicrobial Potentiality 25-01-2016
2. Lal Ratnakar Singh Pharmacy Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Substituted Quinazolinone Derivative 25-01-2016
3. Abhijeet Ojha Pharmacy Development and Evaluation of Biolayers for Oro-Translabial delivery of Phenytoin and lamotrigine 20-01-2016
4. Shilpi Gupta (Agarwal) Chemistry Studies of Physicochemical properties with special reference to Lubricity of Diesel Fuels of two Different Refineries 15-01-2016
5. Shubha Jain Computer Science Measurement and Metrics for Object Ori ented Software using Predictive Object Points 12-02-2016

31-Dec- 2015 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce : Second List

S.No Name of Candidate Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1. Poonam Bala CSE Developing A Novel Structure for Effective Knowledge Representation 04-12-2015
2. Palki Setia Management Employee Misconduct & its relationship with worklife balance in Hospitality 10-12-2015
3. Manjari Mittal Pharmacy Studies on Standardization and Efficacy of Polyherbal Formulation in Expermental Diabatic Albino Rats 11-12-2015
4. Dipti Srivastava English Impact of Computer Aided Language learning on Uttarakhand Technical Students: A Study on Learning Experience of ESL Students 15-12-2015
5. Archana Uppal Pharmacy Substituted Thiazolyl 1, 2, 3, 4- Tetrahydronaphthalene Derivatives: Synthe sis and Biological Activity 24-12-2015
6. Surendra Kumar Gupta ECE Investigations on circular microstrip an tenna for multiband applications 28-12-2015
7. Sonal Setya Pharmacy Development and evaluation of nanoemulsion for transdermal drugdelivery 28-12-2015
8. Rajeev Kumar Sharma Pharmacy Synthesis and Screening of Novel Com pounds and Formulation of Tablets for Colon 29-12-2015
9. Anuj Nautiyal Pharmacy Development and Evaluation of Polyphytoformulation for the treatment of Diabetes mellitus 29-12-2015
10. Sunil Bhaskaran CSE Study and Development of Improved Meth- odology for Time Series Data Mining 30-12-2015
11. Swapnil Goyal Pharmacy Anti-Arthritic Activity of Isolated Phytoconstituents from some Medicinal Plants in Different Arthritic Models in Rats. 02-01-2016
12. Ajay Kumar Saini Management Evaluating the Intellectual Capital in Research Institutions in India: Strategic Issues and Challenges 02-01-2016
13. Bhawna Chahar Management Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness: A Study of SelectedCompanies 04-01-2016

07-0ct- 2015 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce : First List

S.No. Name of Candidate Title of thesis Branch Date of Viva-Voce :
1. Sarthak Bhattacharya Designing and Development of Solasodine Nanoparticles for Evaluation of Pharmaco logical Activity Pharmacy 19-09-2015
2. Meenakshi Bhatt Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of some Himalayan Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 19-09-2015
3. Dilip Kumar Gupta Development and Evaluation of Nanoparticles as a delivery system for antimalarial drugs Pharmacy 19-09-2015
4. Shashi Singh Impact of Organisational role stress and climate on Employee’s job satisfaction: A Study of DLW Varanasi Management 21-09-2015
5. SwarnaliDass Formulation and Characterization of Polymeric Nanoparticle suspension for ocular drug delivery Pharmacy 22-09-2015
6. TejinderJeet Singh Employees Turnover and Retention Strategies in Hopitality Industry Management 23-09-2015
7. Puneet Chandra Srivastava Performance of Turbo Coded Pulse Position Modulation for Optical Communication Electronics and Communication 22-08-2015
8. Mr B.R.L Dhami Relative Importance of Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Factors in organized retail in National Capital Region Management 19.08.2015
9. Mrs Ritu Sharma (Gupta) Biochemical Pharmacological and Molecular Evaluation of Synergistic effect of Sulfamethoxazole and Selenium in treatment of Hepatocacinogenesis Pharmacy 19.08.2015
10. Mr Vishnu Nath Antecedents of Indian Consumers Green Purchase Intentions Management 21.08.2015
11. Mr Abhishek Tiwari Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolidine 3,5 Dione and Biological Activity Pharmacy 17.08.2015
12. Mr Vishal Ramola Mode Signal Processing Circuits using Current Controlled Current Differencing Buffered Amplifiers (CCCDBAs). Electronics and Communication Engineering 17.08.2015
13. Ms Richa Seth Assessment of Water Quality and Bacterial Indicators to Investigate Pollution Status of Drinking water of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand Applied Sciences (Micro-biology) 17.08.2015
14. Ms Purnima K Analysis and Development of Field Propagation Model for Wireless Network in Urban Areas Electronics and Communication Engineering 31.07.2015
15. Mr. Bharat Singh Rana Development of Nonporous Material for Organic Transformation. Applied Sciences (Chemistry) 25.07.2015
16. Nidhi Sharma Thematic Concerns of Bhabani Bhattacharya : A Critical Study English 07.09.2015
17. Sumit Purohit Studies on Propagation and Genetic Variability of Zanthoxylum Armatum DC in Uttarakhand Life Sciences (Biotechnology) 07.09.2015
18. Alok Kumar Gupta Role of Nitrate Signals on Dofi Based Regulation of Genes Involved in Nitrogen Uptake and Assimilation in Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana) Genotypes Differing in Protein Content Biotechnology 07.09.2015
19. Shalini Verma Quality of Work life and its impact on employee performance special reference to India IT Sector Management 10.09.2015
20. Vinod Hatwal Impact of HRM Practices on Employee Commitment & Loyalty : A Study of Manufacturing Units in Uttarakhand Management 10.09.2015
21. Sunil Barthwal Cultural Values and Advertising of Durable Goods : A Study in Uttarakhand Management 11.09.2015
22. Munerdra Mohan Varshney Synthesis Characterization and Biological Evaluation of some Newer Imines Pharmacy 12.09.2015
23. Mini Ojha Synthesis of Polymer Conjugates for colon specificity and formulation of 5 luorouracial & Leucovorin Tablets Pharmacy 12.09.2015
24. Mohd. Asif Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of some New 3(2H)-Pyridazinone Derivatives Pharmacy 28.09.2015
25. Devkant Kala Measuring the quality and Performance of Hotels: A Balanced Scorecard (A Study of Hotels of Selected Tourist Towns of Uttarakhand State Management 28.09.2015
26. Meenakshi Chandok Customer Experiences in Retail Banking Services: A Study of selected Banks in Uttarakhand Management 29.09.2015
27. Lalit Sharma Enterpreneurship as a preferred career choice among the students of professional courses – A study of Uttarakhand State Management 12.09.2015

17-Jan- 2017 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce : First List

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Mr. Neelaksh CSE Performance Evaluation of Automatic Test Case Generation of Web Services Testing 11/5/2016
2 Mr. Netrapal Sharma Biotechnology Genetic Divergence Among Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides (L) Using Protein and Molecular Marker Based Analysis with Respect to Anti-Oxidant Properties 11/8/2016
3 Ms. Indu Gautam Management Financial Derivatives: A Study of Indian Capital Market 11/12/2016
4 Ms. Ankita Saxena Management Workforce Diversity and Its Impact on Productivity. 11/15/2016
5 Mr. Anchit Prakash Bijalwan CSE Investigation of Botnet Attack 11/16/2016
6 Mr. Arun Kumar Yadav CSE Design of Search Engine to Optimize Spatial Search Results 11/17/2016

31 Jan – 2017 Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Neha Tiwari Pharmacy Phytochemical Investigation of Some Indian Medicinal Plants for Antistress Activity. 1/6/2017
2 Jagbir Singh Dalal Management Hospitality Services in Industrial Estates of Uttarakhand 1/7/2017
3 Gaurav Rajput Chemistry Chemical Modification of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Gum 1/11/2017
4 Manoj Kumar Mathematics Optimal Ordering Policies with and without Permissible delay in Payments under terioration rate 1/17/2017
5 Pradeep Babu Microbiology Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand 1/18/2017
6 Swati Sinha Management Branding Strategies of Management Institutes, A Study in National Capital Region 28-01-2017

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