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Ph.D Entrance Exam -2017 (Online Application)


Thesis Preparation and Guidelines


FAQ about Ph.D.



  1. What is the Doctoral program, integrated doctoral program of the

    UTU Ph.D program is only for teachers, scientist and industry experienced candidates for M.Tech degree holders or Ph.D degree holders. Integrated Ph.D is for UG degree holders in which M.Tech(R) degree is awarded in the middle
    of 4 years. For teachers course work, lab is an additional with dissertation assignment so that division can be awarded on CGPA for industry and scientist,it is only 2 years dissertation.
  2. Where can I get more information about Doctoral program, integrated
    doctoral program?

    Website has detail table for each course with ordinances and clarifications.
    Uttarakhand Technical University
    Goverment Girls Polytechnic
    Post Office, Chandanwadi, Prem Nagar
    Sudhowala, Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
    Pin – 248007
  3. What is the average completing time for undertaking an Doctoral program?
    M.Tech 3 years or more on publication of international journal papers 2 or more six months can be seened.
  4. What is the average completing time for undertaking an integrated doctoral programme ?
    4 years
  5. Is it possible to complete Doctoral programme on a part-time basis?
    It is part time program for working teachers and scientists.
  6. Who should apply? What are the typical backgrounds of doctoral students?
    Teachers of AICTE approved intuitions.
  7. What are the qualities which UTU is looking for in applicants to the program?
    We are looking for highly motivated and disciplined candidates with strong academic preparation who exhibit curiosity, desire to learn, and have an inclination towards research. Attend six monthly RDC monitored committee
    held regular for program updation.
  8. How will I sustain myself for Doctoral programme, if I have a family?
    It is only for teachers earning salaries.
  9. How do I apply? What is the process of admission to the programme? Where can I get the forms?
    On website.
  10. What are the important deadlines?
    December-March for March registration.March-July for July registration.
  11. What is the purpose of the entrance? What is expected at the entrance for UTU? Does it help if I come prepared with a research proposal?
    Wished that entrance examination conducted for scoring 50% minimum marks for each candidate.
  12. Does the programme accept international students?
    Provided he/she is teacher.
  13. How selective is UTU? What are my chances of getting admitted? How many students are admitted each year?
    It is transparent entrance examination.
  14. Do you have an option of doing inter-disciplinary research?
    RDC shall decide on individual case.
  15. Is the courses work at UTU very difficulty?
    It is upto candidate and teacher and subject choice.
  16. What are the important stages in the Doctoral programme?
    RDC approval of synopsis after entrance examination, regular monitoring every six month and international journal publication 2 or more.
  17. How much flexibility exists in the Doctoral program? Can I change my area of research during my stay at UTU?
    You can but publications are not relaxed and RDC meets regularly till 3 years to be attended.
  18. How do I choose my research topic?
    Discuss with your chosen supervisor.
  19. What is the process of getting scholarship and how much is the amount?
    It is for employed candidates.
  20. Are doctoral students required to teach?
    They are compulsory teacher.
  21. What support is available for presenting research papers in Indian and international conferences?
    If publication is international journal followed after presentation registration fees can be paid.


  1. How do I find a job, after completing my doctoral studies?
    It is for job candidate.
  2. How does Doctoral programme prepare me for an academic career?
    It is your efforts and publication and dissertation evaluated by experts expect that you are prepared for academics.
  3. Is Integrated Doctoral programme from UTU recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D ?
    It is university degree recognized worldover.