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Result of Ph.D Viva-Voce

Sl. No. Name of Candidate Research Topic Branch Date of Final Defence
1 Prabjot Kaur Retention Strategies of Faculty Members in Selected B-Schools in Northern India Management 04-10-17
2 Rajesh Maithani Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristic of
V-Rib with Symmetrical Gaps Roughened Solar       Air Heater
Mechanical Engineering 13-10-17
3 Narinder Kumar Sharma Design and Development of Hybrid Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications ECE 15-11-17
4 Bharti Ramola Studies on the Effluent Characteristics of Pharma       and Sugar Industries and its Impact on the Water       Quality of Dehradun region Chemistry 17-11-17
5 Himani Agarwal Impact of Faculty Development Strategies on the Development of B-School” Management 17-11-17
6 Taranbir Singh Human Resource Management Practices in
Indian Banking Sector: A comparative Study of       Public and Private Sector Banks
Management 18-11-17
7 Nitish Pathak Mining and SPF based round trip engineering       for the development of Web Applications CSE 20-11-17
8 Shweta Singh Tomar Optimal Ordering Policies with and witout Deterioration Rate Mathematics 23-11-17
9 Anuj Kumar Rana Effect of Sugar Industries Effluent on Soil &       Selected Crops Biotechnology 25-11-17
10 Surendra Singh Gusain Phytochemical, Pharmacognostic and
Antidiabetic Studies of Some Medicinally
Important Plants from Uttarakhand
Pharmacy 25-11-17
11 Sharmila Hindi Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov       Model Tool Kit ECE 30-11-17
12 Amrapali Negi Effectiveness of Human Resource Audit System:       A Study of Selected Service Organization of        Uttarakhand Management 04-12-17
13 Alok Kumar Singh Performance Evaluation of Indian Civil Aviation Industry with Special Reference to Air India Limited Management 08-12-17
14 Manoj Kumar Rana On Optimization for Network Flow Congestion Control Using Soft Computing Tools CSE 16-12-17
15 Vijay Prakash Gupta Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks in India: A Study of Selected Banks in Meerut Division Management 28-12-17
16 Dheeraj Bisht Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Dinitrophenothiazine Derivatives Pharmacy 29-12-17
17 Sayantan Mukhopadhyay Development and Evaluation of Natural Polymeric Film Loaded with Rivastigmine and Donepezil for Transcranial Drug Delivery Pharmacy 29-12-17
18 Laxmi Goswami Development and Evaluation of Bionanogels of Selegiline and Escitalopram for Brain Targeting       Through EAR Pharmacy 29-12-17
19 Ranjit Kumar Mukherji Impact of Organizational Learning Capabilities on Business Performance Management 30-12-17
20 Ashutosh Singh Organizational Change and Its Impact on Employees Behaviour in NCR Management 30-12-17
21 Nishtha Malik Authentic Leadership and its Impact on work outcomes: The Intervening Role of Psychological Capital and Autonomy Management 09-01-18
22 Gyanesh Joshi Synthesis and Characterization of Cellulose Derivatives Derived from Waste Paper Chemistry 22-01-18
23 Vikas Tripathi Developing Video Surveillance Methods for Efficient Monitoring, Analysis and Behaviour Recognition CSE 25-01-18
24 Garima Gwari Estimation of Molecular of Genetic Varibility in Perilla Species in Uttarakhand: Using Molecular Markets Biotechnology 27-01-18
25 Monika Bhatia Performance Evaluation of Major Indian Telecom Service Providers Using Balanced Scorecard: A Study in NCR Management 03-02-18
26 Deepa Godara An Efficient Frequency Based Change Proneness Prediction Method Using Behavioral Dependency and UML Class Diagrams CSE 03-02-18
27 Rajeev Kumar Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Pharma      cological Evaluation of some Novel 1, 2, 4- Triazine Derivatives Pharmacy 05-02-18
28 Mukesh Kumar Investigations on C.I. Engine Performance, Emission and Its Limitation using Biodiesels from       Jatropha, Mahua and Neem Oils in Indian Conditions Mechanical Engineering 15-02-18
29 Taresh Singh Unusual Event Detection Using Optical Flow Technique CSE 17-02-18
30 Richa Chandel (Student of GBPEC, Pauri) Design and Development of UWB and MIMO Antennas for Wireless Application ECE 19-02-18
31 Anugrah Rohini Lall Investors Preference for Investment in Financial Market: A Study in Uttarakhand Management 21-02-18
32 Narendra Singh Panwar Cryptanalysis and Further Enhancement of ID and Biometrics based remote user Authentication scheme using Smart Card CSE 24-02-18
33 Somnath Basu Microstructual Modification of Steel by Pulsed Current Autogenous Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Mechanical Engineering 03-03-18
34 Neha Agarwal Non-Performing Assets and Profitability of Commercial Banks: A Study of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks Management 03-03-18
35 Shantanu Kumar Biswas Impact of Strategic HRM on Employees Performance: A Study of Selected Power Sector       PSUs Management 03-03-18
36 Aprajita Bhardwaj Studies on Cell Wall Polysaccharides with special reference to Pectin Substances and their Antioxidant activity at various stages of fruit ripening in Prunus Armeniaca Life Science (Bio-Chemistry) 09-03-18
37 Amit Saini Foreign Direct Investment in SAARC Economies Management 12-03-18
38 Awakash Dixit A Study on the generation of custom designed beams and their propagation characteristics for adaptive       optics Physics 13-03-18
39 Gunjan Agarwal Optimization of Process Parameters for the Minimization of Wastes in a Machining System Mechanical Engineering 17-03-18
40 Rakhi Gauniyal Study of Parametric Instabilities in Laser Plasma Intraction at High Power Laser Physics 17-03-18
41 Mansi Gupta Studies on Degradation of Imidacloprid, Endosulfan and Coragen by a Novel Soil Bacterium PSEUDOMONAS SP. RPT 52 Life Sciences 19-03-18
42 Pooja Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Rural Consumption Pattern in Haryana Management Studies 19-03-18
43 Manmohan Lakhera An Efficient Algorithm for Securing Biometric       Data over Computer Network CSE 23-03-18
44 Hemlata Bhatt Phytochemical studies and Anti-Diabetic Potential of some Medicinal Plants available in Garhwal Himalaya Pharmacy 26-03-18
45 Vijay Raj Shokeen Implementation of Local Exchange Network by Incorporating Optical Burst Switching ECE 28-03-18
46 Sanjeev Kumar Singh Few Performance Issues in Distributed Real-Time Data Base System CSE 31-03-18
47 Ramender Nautiyal Assessment and Treatment of Organic and Biochemical Pollutants in Water of Gola River, Nainital Life Science (Biochemistry) 02-04-18
48 Indu Goyal Customer Relationship Management in An Automobile Industry: A Study in Western Uttar Pradesh Management 04-04-18
49 Neeti Pandey Phytochemical Investigation, Pharmacological Screening and Formulation Development of Medicinal Plants for Antiepileptic Activity. Pharmacy 10-04-18
50 Lavanya Sharma Motion Based Object Detection Using Back ground Subtraction Technique for Smart Video Surveillance CSE 12-04-18
51 Swati Yadav Design and Analysis of Band-Notched Antennas for UWB and MIMO Applications ECE 13-04-18
52 Saurabh Saini Impact of Sugar Industry Effluent on Soil Bacteria and Growth of Wheat and Maize Crops Life Science (Microbiology) 16-04-18
53 Amit Bahukhandi Altitude and Habitat Dependent Variation in       Morphological and Phytochemical Diversity of       Selected Apple (Malus Domestica Borkh) Cultivars in Uttarakhand Life Science (Biotechnology) 16-04-18
54 Hemlata Verma Pharmacognostical and Pharmacological studies on some Arisaema species Pharmacy 21-04-18
55 Shikha Srivastava Development and Evaluation of Polyherbal Formulation of Indian Medinical Plants for Antidiabetic Activity Pharmacy 21-04-18
56 Rekha Impact of Digital Marketing Communication on       Consumer Buying Decision Process: A Study of  Indian Passenger Car Market Management 19-06-18
57 Tamana Anand Impact of FDI on Organised Retailing in India and Malaysia: A Study of Different Intermediaries Management 13-08-18
58 Deepak Negi A Computer Simulated Study on Applications of Fractals and Dynamical Systems. CSE 16-08-18
59 Dinesh Kumar Techniques for Voice Recognition Using Artificial       Intellignece ECE 18-08-18
60 Jay Prakash Design and Development of Efficient Gateway Discovery Protocols in Mobile AD HOC Network for Internet Access. CSE 18-08-18
61 Alaknanda Design and Development of Plannar Antennas for Multiband Applications. ECE 18-08-18
62 Anju Tripathi Impact of Intrinsic Motivation on Academic Performance of Management Teachers: A Study of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Colleges Management 25-08-18
63 Nina Singh Impact of Training and Development on Productivity: A Study of Selected Manufacturing Firms in Uttarakhand. Management 27-08-18
64 Nirpendra Singh Lingwal Impact of Hospitality Education and Government Policy
Perspective in Promoting Tourism in Uttarakhand
Management 27-08-18
65 Anant Lakeshendra Impact of Employee’s Length of Service on Role Stress: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in Western Uttar Pradesh. Management 30-08-18
66 Padma Latha Patnam Utilization of Carbon Dioxide and other Renewable Materials in the Production of Specially Polymers and Catalyst. Chemistry 01-09-18
67 Raju Ranjan To Design A Data Mining Model for Improving the Quality of Higher Education in India. CSE 04-09-18
68 Krishan Chandra Bahuguna Characterization of 2128 nm Laser Wavelength from Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) & Its Application. Physics 11-09-18
69 Mohd. Zubair Ahmad Agripreneurship: Study of Selected MSMEs in Rohilkhand Region. Management 11-09-18
70 Prashant Thapliyal A Study of Viscoelastic Properties and Non-Destructive Characterization of Nanofluids Physics 15-09-18
71 Ashish Kumar Study of the Trace Elements of Carbonates and Fluid Compositions in Sedimentary Basins for Crude Oil of Bombay Basin. Chemistry 15-09-18
72 Rohit Kumar Novel Nanostructured Hydroprocessing Catalysts Chemistry 18-09-18
73 Vikrant Sharma Open Area Sensor Network Deployment Policies       and Models CSE 18-09-18
74 Anant Agarwal Dynamic of Spousal – Joint Purchase Decision       Making towards Household Consumer Durables Management 22-09-18
75 Sunita Gupta (Bansal) Structural and Green Quotient Evaluation of       Existing Buildings Using Fuzzy Logic and Green       Building Rating Systems Civil Engineering 22-09-18
76 Vaishali Rani Garg Development of Nanopatterned Antimicrobial Superhydrophobic Polymeric Coating for Medical       Application Life Sciences (Biochemistry) 28-09-18
77 Kumari Jyoti Phyto-Mediated Synthesis, Characterization and       Potential Applications of Silver Nanoparticles Biotechnology 15-10-18
78 Anuj Nehra Use of Graphene-Based Interfacing Nanoscale Bio-Components in Biosensing Devices for Common Bacterial Detection Physics 17-10-18
79 Nazia Hasan Phased Array Using Polarization Tunable Antenna. ECE 20-10-18
80 Seema Madhok A Critical Analysis of Women Characters in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction English 25-10-18
81 Vinay Kumar Pandey Enhanced Security Framework for Communication & Management in Mobile AD HOC Network CSE 25-10-18
82 Aanchal Singhal Impact of Microfinance on Socio-Economic       Development of Poor in Uttarakhand Management 01-12-18
83 Manish Role of E-Trust in E-Commerce Adoption in India Management 01-12-18
84 Pankaj Tiwari The Impact of Credit Risk Management on Profitability of Commercial Banks in India. Management 06-12-18
85 Ankur Saxena A Robust and Deterministic Watermarking Approach based on Bird Swarm Optimization for       Improving QOS CSE 07-12-18
86 Aarti Dangwal Measuring Tourist Satisfaction on Selected Destinations of Haryana State. Management 07-12-18
87 Aditya Saxena Statistical Analysis of Type II Diabetes Gene Expression Datasets with Reference to Various Genetic and Environmental Factors using Open Source Software Project Bioconductor Biotechnology 14-12-18
88 Rachit Kumar An Empirial Study of Problems and Prospects of Micro Finance in India-with Special References to Uttar Pradesh Management 15-12-18
89 Soniya Mehandiratta Impact of Mergers & Acquisition on Financial       Performance of Indian Commercial Banks” Management 15-12-18
90 Shilpi Mittal Role of Psychological Contract in Employee Retention: A Study of Private Higher Education Institutes in Uttarakhand Management 15-12-18
91 Chanda Thapliyal Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Image Processing Problems Mathematics 17-12-18
92 Archana Sukhija Role of Organization Structure on Quality of Work Life of Executive Working in NCR Management 20-12-18
93 Usha Verma Production and Partial Purification of a-Amylase from
Bacillus Cereus by using Wheat Bran as a Substrate
Life Sciences (Microbiology) 20-12-18
94 Pushpa Kataria Health Care Strategies and Its Impact on the Quality of Health Services in Uttarakhand Management 22-12-18
95 Krishna Kumar Singh Big Data Analysis in Stock Market: A Green Forecasting Approach CSE 29-12-18
96 Ruchi Gupta Development of Some Load Distribution Algorithm in Distributed Processing System Computer Science 05-01-19
97 Durgadas Anghore Pharmacognostical Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Selected Plants Pharmacy 07-01-19
98 Priyanka Dalmia Tourists Perception of Online Tourism Services: A Study in National Captical Region Management 07-01-19
99 Manoj Singh Adhikari Design and Simulation of Small Signal and Power Mosfets ECE 11-01-19
100 Agya Ram Verma Filter Design Using Evolutionary Optimization Technique for Biomedical Applications ECE 11-01-19
101 Himani Singh Determination of the Antioxidant, Anti-Skin Aging, and Skin-Whitening Activities of the Total Phenolic Compounds Isolated From Eleven Wild       Edible Fruits of Uttarakhand Biotechnology 16-01-19
102 Amrit Parashar Role of Agro-Based Industries in the Development of Rural Economy: A Study of Western Uttar Pradesh Management 19-01-19
103 Dhirendra Fartyal Development of Herbicide Tolerant Transgenic Rice Plants for Sustainable Weed Management Biotechnology 24-01-19
104 Dinesh Kumar In Vitro Study of Indian Herbs with Potent Antimicrobial Activity and Isolation of Active       Molecules from the Selected Herb. Life Sciences (Bio-Chemistry) 30-01-19

Viva-voce of September -2017

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Sonal Pundhir Management Impact of Absenteeism on Organizational Productivity: A Study of Selected Capital Goods Industry. 9/1/2017
2 Dwarka Prasad Electrical Engineering Design of Grounding System for High Voltage Substations. 9/7/2017
3 Mohd. Yaseen Khan Management Customized Communication, Value Proposition and Customer Loyalty in Retail Sector (A Study based on SERVPERF-RSQS Model). 9/8/2017
4 Amitabh Talwar Life Science (Microbiology) Genetic Diversity of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Doon Valley Hospitals 9/8/2017
5 Tanuj Kumar Garg ECE Reconfigurable Antenna Design and ITS Optimization Using Hybrid Soft Computing. 9/13/2017
6 Brajlata Chauhan ECE Development and Analysis of Microstrip Conformal Antenna for A Military Aircraft Application. 9/13/2017
7 Ritika Aggarwal Management Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Investment Pattern: An Emperial Study. 9/14/2017
8 Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary Mathematics Probabilistic EOQ Models under Inflation Rate. 9/14/2017
9 Rajeev Kumar Management Green Marketing Strategies and its Impact on Business Performance. 9/15/2017
10 Ekta Pandey Mathematics Study of Approximation Properties of Mixed Summation and Integral Type Operators. 9/15/2017
11 Rachna Bamba Management Customer Relationship Management in Food       Retailing: A Study of Selected Retail Organization in New Delhi and Nearby Areas 9/16/2017
12 Nikhil Monga Management A Study of Brand Loyalty in Mid Size Car Segment in India. 9/16/2017
13 Anil Waldia Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Capsules used as Antidiabetic. 9/16/2017
14 Ashish Arya Management Recruitment and Selection Strategies and their Impact on Business Performance: A Case of Selected Banks. 9/16/2017
15 Reetuka Raj Chemistry Synthesis Characterization, Study of Properties of Metal Manganese (II) Bakelite Composites and its Application 9/22/2017
16 Vijai Singh CSE Image Segmentation using Genetic Algorithm 9/22/2017
17 Dinesh Kumar Singh Mechanical Engineering Comprehensive Study of Just-in-Time (JIT) Parameters and their Applications in Context of       Indian Industries. 9/23/2017
18 Bhavya Alankar ECE A System Approach for Exploring Reconfigurable       Computing 9/27/2017
19 Rakesh Kumar Maurya ECE Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for       Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antenna 9/27/2017
20 Ankit Agarwal Management Service Quality Gap in Public & Private Sector       Banks in Uttarakhand 9/29/2017
21 Shikha Bhardwaj Management uccession Planning in Family Owned Business       (FOB) in India: A Study on Automotive
Component SMEs
22 Pavan Kumar Shukla ECE Analysis and Synthesis of Optical OFDM System       using Comb and FDE Techniques 9/29/2017

Viva-voce of May-2017 (Newly)

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Monika Bhatnagar ECE Design and Implementation of Circular Polarized       Microstrip Antenna for Wideband 5/29/2017
2 Anju Thapliyal Management Employee Attrition and Retention in Business       Process Outsourcing: A Study of National Capital Region. 5/30/2017

Viva-voce of June-2017

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Pardeep Sangwan ECE Design and Implementation of an Efficient Language Independent Speaker Recognition System 6/3/2017
2 Amit Malhotra Management Impact of HRM Practices on Employee Attrition: A Study of Selected BPOs in National Capital Region. 6/14/2017
3 Prabhat Kumar Raghuvanshi ECE Microwave Signature Studies for Remote Sensing       Applications. 6/14/2017
4 Naveen Dwivedi Biotechnology Biological Remediation of Cyanide in a Packed Bed SAB Reactor 15-06-2017
5 Amit Kumar Thakur Mechanical Engineering Analyzing the Performance Characteristics and Exhaust Emissions of SI engine with Varying Percentages. 6/15/2017
6 Mahesh Kumar Agarwal ECE Electrical and Optical Properties of Ta2O5 mixed       Ti02 (~8% mole) 6/20/2017
7 Deepak Bansal Management Venture Capital Financing and Its Impact on Indian Economy (On Selected Sectors) 6/24/2017
8 Sameeksha Jain Management Performance Management System: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector       Enterprises 6/27/2017
9 Juhi Garg Management Occupational Stress Among Employees and It’s Impact upon the Organisational Climate (A Study on ONGC, Dehradun) 6/27/2017
10 Mohd Yasir Pharmacy Fomulation and Evaluation of Nose to Brain Drug Delivery System for Drugs Acting on CNS 6/30/2017

Viva-voce of July-2017

S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Roope Khare Management Impact of Emotional Stability, Passion and Work       Recognition on Job Commitment  of Teaching       Professionals 7/1/2017
2 Manveer Singh Kandari Life Sciences (Zoology) Study on Blood of some Hill Fishes of Doon Valley 7/3/2017
3 Shubha Dwivedi Biotechnology Biological Removal of Fluoride from Industrial Waste Water 7/5/2017
4 Lubhan Singh Pharmacy Evaluation of Neuroprotective Effect of Extracts of Rhododendron Arboreum, Fumaria Parviflora and Stephania Glabra against Colchicine Induced Cognitive Impairment and Oxidative Damage in Mice 7/6/2017
5 Sanjay Kumar CSE Security Issue for Wireless Sensor Networks 7/10/2017
6 Jhuma Samanta Pharmacy Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation       of Cissampelos Pareira (Root and Stem) and Thevetia Peruviana (Leaves) for Antifiertility Activity 7/19/2017


S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Mahavir Singh Naruka Electrical Engineering Power Quality Aspects for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive 5/3/2017
2 Kiran Srivastava Electrical Engineering Simulation and Modelling of Switched Reluctance Motor 5/6/2017
3 Simarjeet Makkar Management Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees       Workplace Behaviour: A Study in Private and Public Sector Banks 5/6/2017
4 Seema Gupta Management Impact of FDI on Corporate Hospitals in India: A Study in Delhi and NCR. 5/6/2017
5 Priti Vyas English Soft Skills in Employability: An Empirical Study of Engineering Graduates and their Sustainability in the Corporate World. 5/8/2017
6 Ritu Singh Chemistry Retro-Polymerization of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) by Green Solvents. 5/9/2017
7 Pooja Singh Chemistry Management of Plastics Waste Using Activated Glass. 5/9/2017
8 Kalpana Pawar Biotechnology GPI Anchor Biosynthesis: A Study of the role of PIG-H/GP115 in Candida Albicans. 5/15/2017
9 Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan ECE Complex Wavelet Transform Based Filter An Efficient Tool for Image Fusion and De-Noising 5/16/2017
10 Shailendra Mani Mishra Mathematics EOQ Models Under Different Demand Rates. 5/17/2017
11 Rakesh Chandra Bhadula Mathematics Mathematical Modelling for Some Flow Problems in Water Distribution Pipe Line Network. 5/17/2017
12 Amrendra Kumar Chaudhary Pharmacy Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Screening of Cedrus Deodara Loud and Pinus Roxburghii Sarg for memory Enhancing Wound Healing and Antiulcer Activities. 5/19/2017
13 Ravindra Singh Tomar ECE Study and Realization of CMOS Compatible Biquad Filters Using CFTA and CCTA. 5/22/2017
14 Abhishek Bhardwaj Pharmacy Formulation and Pharmacological Screening of       Polyphyto Dispersible Tablet as Antilithogenic and Antihyperlipidemic agent. 5/23/2017
15 Amit Saxena Pharmacy Synthesis and Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Antitubercular activities of some new indole derivatives. 26-05-2017
16 Rajesh Kumar Tiwari ECE Microwave interaction with various targets for remote sensing. 26-05-2017
S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1. Mohd. Amin Mir Chemistry Studies on the Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Value (S) of Taraxacum Officinale. 12/15/2016
2. Swati Raina Management Antecedents and Consequences of Strategic Green Marketing Orientation (SGMO). 12/17/2016
3. Monika Dahiya Management An Emirical Study on Preferred Investment Avenues Among Salaried Personnel with Special Reference to Saharanpur City. 12/17/2016
4. Kadambari Agarwal CSE Design and Development of Multi Cast Routing Algorithm for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks. 12/22/2016
5. Poonam Tripathi Pharmacy Investigation and Comparison of Pharmacodynamic Interaction of Antidiabetic Herbs with Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents in Rats. 12/23/2016
6. Shilpa Srivastava CSE E-Health Services: Aspects and Analysis. 12/24/2016
7. Amit Kumar Uniyal Applied Science EOQ Models with and without permissible delay in payments. 12/24/2016
8. Vikas Goel CSE An energy efficient non uniform indexing technique for multiple wireless broadcast channel. 1/2/2017
S.No Name Branch Title of thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Neha Tiwari Pharmacy Phytochemical Investigation of Some Indian Medicinal Plants for Antistress Activity. 1/6/2017
2 Jagbir Singh Dalal Management Hospitality Services in Industrial Estates of Uttarakhand 1/7/2017
3 Gaurav Rajput Chemistry Chemical Modification of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Gum 1/11/2017
4 Manoj Kumar Mathematics Optimal Ordering Policies with and without Permissible delay in Payments under terioration rate 1/17/2017
5 Pradeep Babu Microbiology Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand 1/18/2017
6 Swati Sinha Management Branding Strategies of Management Institutes, A Study in National Capital Region 28-01-2017