Ph.D. and Research

S.N. Name Title of thesis Branch Date of Viva Voce
  Vivek Kumar Sehagal Stochastic Communication and Packets Flow Control in Networks-on-Chip CSE 08 May, 2010
  Chandra Prakash Singh Evaluation of Computational tools for the prediction of transcription factor binding sites on genomic DNA CSE 06 Oct, 2010
  Dinesh Kumar Srivastava Some Studies on Microstrip Antenna Electronics Engineering 15 Nov, 2010
  Anita Sethia Inversion of Complex Valued Neural Network with Various Error Functions Applicable to Electrical Systems ECE 15 Nov, 2010
  Shailendra Mishra Performance Analysis of Multiple-input Multiple-output High Speed Data Packet Access (MIMO HSDPA) System in 3G Macro-Cellular System CSE 02 April, 2011
  Jitendra Mohan CMOS Compatible Analog Filters and Oscillators using Differential type current conveyors Electronics Engineering 13 August, 2011
  Ravi Rastogi Designing Fault-Tolerant Multi Stage Interconnection Networks with Disjoint Paths and Collision Solving CSE 12 August, 2011
  Maneesha Srivastava Debugging in Parallel: A Complexity Estimation Approach to Optimally Distribute faulty slices. CSE 23 Sept. 2011
  Chetna Gupta Dependence Based Dynamic Approach to Estimate Software Change Impact Analysis CSE 23 Sept. 2011
  Vandana Gupta Study of Pongamia Pinnata, Maytensis emarginata and Tribulus terrestris on Free Radical Mediated Reactions-A Mechanism of Action Bio-chemistry 23 Sept. 2011
  Sajai Vir Singh Realization and Study of Electronically Tunable Biquad filters using CCCCTAs Electronics Engineering 12 Sept. 2011
  Abhiruchi Singh A study of emotional intelligence of Indian executive in IT Industry Management Studies 06 Jan, 2012
  Mayank Singh Scalable Automated Methods for Aspect Oriented Programming CSE 23 Dec, 2011
  Gagan Singh Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Asynchronous conditions of Hydropower plant Electrical Engineering 12 Nov, 2011
  Ashok Kumar Optimization and Modeling of Thermal Load of Building using Thermal Management System in composite climate of India Mechanical Engineering 12 Nov, 2011
  Annapurna Singh QoS Based Performance analysis of mobile AD HOC network CSE 03 Feb, 2012
  Devesh Kr. Srivastava Design and Development of a software process model and an estimation model of efforts and time duration in development of IVR software systems. CSE 16 July, 2012
  Brijmohan Singh Text Extraction in Degrated and Stylistic Documents CSE 27 April, 2012
  Saji Mon M.R. Human Resource Management in health care sector: A study of Uttarakhand Management Studies 11 April, 2013
  Kuldeep Yadav Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Compressive Sensing CSE 16 Nov, 2012
  Anil Kumar Patil Heat Transfer and friction characteristics of solar air heater having artificial roughness on absorber plate in the form of V-Shaped files Mechanical Engineering 15 Oct, 2012
  Shashi Prabha Singh Study of Organomectallic compounds of sulphur containing amino acids from allium satirum (Garlic) Pharmaceutical Sciences 30 July, 2012
  Sonika Singh Statistical Modeling and a new Approach to improve the QoS of lan mobile satelite systems ECE 12 August, 2012
  Sharad Power Management Optimization and Energy Efficient Communication Protocol for Ad-Hoc Sensor for Ad-Hoc Sensor network CSE 09 Nov, 2012
  Anurag Rai Development of Task Allocation Models for Efficient Utilization of Processor's Capacity in Distributed Computing System CSE 26 Oct, 2012
  Pradeep Kumar Merit Selection of Classification Algorithms for decision support systems CSE 23 Nov, 2012
  Prabhat Verma Speech as interface in web-applications for visually challenged CSE 13 Jan, 2013
  Neeraj Kumar Shukla Design and Analysis of Low-Power CMOS digital circuits for Multimedia applications. ECE 15 June, 2013
  Shilpi Birla Design and Analysis of CMOS Low Power circuits with stability enhancement for mobile applications, ECE 21 Feb, 2014
  Pankaj Kr. Mishra Fixed Point Theorems in Metric Spaces with applications. Mathematics 18 March, 2013
  Archana Pandey Interactive Analysis of Plant Species and Climatic Conditions with Eisenia fetida during vermicomposting. Environment 28 Dec, 2012
  Promila Bahadur Design and Development of English to Sanskrit translation CSE 24 Dec, 2012
  Aseem Chandel Economic Assessment of Distribution systems for DER Planning Electrical Engineering 25 Jan, 2013
  Varun Gupta Requirement Prioritization & open research issues on testing. CSE 08 Feb, 2013
  Sunil Kumar Singh Design and Performance evaluation of Reconfigurable embedded system using hybrid architecture CSE 18 March, 2013
  Sunil Shukla Applications of Fractal and Dynamical Systems using fixed point and iteractive function system. CS 25-07-2013
  Munesh Kumar Sharma Design and Performance studies of Thermal Management systems for the generation of off-site refrigeration effect. Mechanical Engineering 22/03/2013
  Aparna Khansili Design & Evaluation of Dosage forms of some poory soluable drugs. Pharmacy 03 March, 2013
  Rajendra Kumar Bharti Analysis & Synthesis of DNA sequence Compression CSE 11-04-2013
  Priti Dimri A Study of CHAOS, Fractals and Their Applications using Fixed Points CS 08 Feb, 2013
  Navneet Chaturvedi Experimental Implementation of Liquid Crystal Binary Mixtures for LCD Electronics Engineering 18 March, 2013
  Ashu Tomar Race Relations in the Novels of Nadine Gordimer English 23/03/2013
  Meenu Synthesis and Pharmacological evaluation of Substituted Quinazolin-4-(3H)-One Derivatives Pharmacy 07-03-2014
  Vishal Ramola Voltage-Mode Signal Processing Circuits Using Current Controlled Current Differencing Buffered Amplifiers (CCCDBAs) ECE 17-08-2015
  Dharmendra Kumar Upadhyay New Approaches to Design Wideband Integrators and Differentiators with their Stability Analysis ECE 27-06-2013
  Tanu Preet Singh Preet Software Defined Radio Approach For Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Manets CSE 25-07-2013
  Sachin Yadav Performance Evaluation of Overlay Network Architecture for Streaming Media Distribution CSE 30 May, 2013
  Harish Chandra Joshi Physico-Chemical and Genetic Characterisation of Petrolieum Appliesd Science (Chemistry) 16-04-2014
  Dinesh Sharma Simulation and Analysis of QoS in Fixed Wireless Access Networks ECE 18-06-2013
  Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwan Corporate Governance Practices of Indian Companies Management Studies 02-08-2013
  Shalini Srivastava Dynamics of Human Relationships and the female Quest for Self in the Novels of Manju Kapur. English 11-05-2013
  Ritu Gupta Design of Drug Delivery System Using Nanotechnology Pharmacy 04-05-2013
  Jeetendra Pande Pliability Metric for Optimal Component Selection in Component Based Software Development CSE 28-06-2014
  Usha Banerjee Performance and Reliability of Intrusion Detection Systems for Mobile AD-HOC Networks CSE 28-06-2014
  Sanjiv Kumar Analysis of Multipath Fading Channel models for next generation wireless communication systems ECE 12-07-2013
  Raghu Nath Verma Analysis of Multitype biomatric Traits for the Improvement of Verification Accuracy CSE 03-01-2015
  Shiva Prakash Comparative Performance Analysis of Wireless ADHOC Network for Energy Efficient Routing Approach CSE 02-12-2013
  Ram Narain Prajapati Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by Homotopy Perturbation and Variation Iteration Method Mathematics 17-07-2014
  Deepa Chaudhary Learning Schemes and Implementation in Extended Hierarchical Censored Production rules (EHCPRs) Systems CS 10-03-2014
  Vandana Jugran Negi Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Certain Selective COX-2 Inhibitiors Pharmacy 16-02-2015
  Sameeksha Kaul Phytochemical and Immuno Modulatory Activity of Some Indian Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 28-02-2014
  Vibhash Yadav Assessment of Design Strenght/Quality Measures of Object Oriented Systems CSE 02-12-2013
  Monika Sachdeva Development and Study of Hepatoprotective Polyherbal Formulations Pharmacy 09-04-2014
  Akhilendra Singh Yadav Design and Implementation of Medical Image Compression Algorithms by using DCT and DWT Electrical Engineering 20-08-2014
  Sanjay Kumar Singh Deep Sub-Micron Sram Design for Low Leakage ECE 19-12-2014
  Mahendra Kumar Fault Diagnosis of Electronics Circuits Using Neural Predictive Models ECE 17-12-2013
  Nidhi Sharma Thematic Concerns of Bhabani Bhattacharya: A Critical Study English 04-09-2015
  K.R. Subramanian Consumer Behavior Towards Emerging Marketing Techniques: A Comparative Study of Network Marketing V/C other Marketing Techniques. Management Studies 10-02-2015
  Sarthak Bhattacharya Designing and Development of Solasodine Nanoparticles for Evaluation of Pharmacological Activity Pharmacy 19-09-2015
  Poonam Arora Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Behaviour Management Studies 10-02-2015
  Swati Bisht Imapct of TV Advertisements on the Consumer Purchase Decision: A Study of College Students with Respect to Mobile Service Providers Management Studies 30-08-2014
  Shashi Kant Verma Encoders for VLSI Interconnects for Reduction of Crosstalk, Power and Delay CSE 24-07-2014
  Nishi Nayak Synthesis and Evaluation of some Plumbagin derivatives Pharmacy 09-04-2014
  Taruna Katyal Possible Role of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, Caveolin and Haemoxygenase in Development of Experimental Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats Pharmacy 09-05-2014
  Ganga Prasad Pandey Investigation of Radiation Characteristics of Tunable Microstrip Antenna ECE 02-02-2015
  Manindra Mohan Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oils of Selected Wild Plants Grown in Uttarakhand: Potietial Application against Foodborne Pathogens Life Science (Microbiology) 06-12-2014
  Purnima K. Analysis and Development of Field Propagation Model for Wireless Networks in Urban Areas ECE 31-07-2015
  Vikash Kandari Bioconversion of Agrowaste for Production of Fermentable Sugar Life Science (Bio Chemistry) 06-09-2014
  Ankit Anand Kharia Design and Evaluation of Nanoparticle based Mucoadhesive Gastroretentive Drug Delivery Systems Pharmacy 15-10-2015
  Rajiv Sharma Synthesis and Evaluation of Polymeric Prodrugs for the Targated Treatment of Colon Cancer Pharmacy 07-02-2015
  Rudra Pratap Singh Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into the effect of Welding-Parameters and Magnetic-Field on Structure and Properties of Weld in ARC-Welding Mechanical Engineering 21-02-2015
  Prerna Singh Chauhan Derivatives of Seed Oil as a Biodegradable Lubricant Appliesd Science (Chemistry) 17-10-2015
  Shubha Jain Measurement & Metrics for Object Oriented Software Using Predictive Object Points CSE 12-02-2016
  Ritu Sharma (Gupta) Biochemical Pharmacological and Molecullar Evaluation of Synergistic effect of sulfamethoxazole and selenium in treatment of Hepatocarcinogenesis Pharmacy 19-08-2015
  Dilip Kumar Gupta Development and Evaluation of Nanoparticles as a delivery system for antimalarial drugs Pharmacy 19-09-2015
  Jeetendra Singh Negi Development and Evaluation of Oral Lipid based Drug Delivery systems for Enhancement of Oral Bioavailability of Lopinavir Pharmacy 26-11-2015
  Swarnali Das Paul Formulation and Characterization of Polymeric Nanoparticle suspension for ocular drug delivery Pharmacy 22-09-2015
  Dev Kant Kala Measuring the quality and Performance of Hotels: A Balanced Scorecard (A Study of Hotels of Selected Tourist Towns of Uttarakhand State) Management Studies 29-09-2015
  Bharat Singh Rana Development of Nanoporous Material for Organic Transformations Applied Science- Chemistry 25-07-2015
  Alok Kumar Gupta Role of Nitrate Signals on DOF1 Based Regulation of Genes Involved in Nitrogen Uptake and Assimilation in Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracona) Genotypes Differing in Protein Content Biotechnology 07-09-2015
  Manjari Mittal Studies on Standardization and Efficacy of Polyherbal Formulation in Expermental Diabatic Albino Rats Pharmacy 11-12-2015
  Hemant Chauhan An Empirical Study of Risk Management in Real Estate with Special Reference to Commercial Shopping Centers and Offices in Uttarakhand Management Studies 18-04-2015
  Ajay kumar Saini Evaluating the Intellectual Capital in Research Institutions in India: Strategic Issues and Challenges Management Studies 02-01-2016
  B.R.L Dhammi Relative Importance of Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Factors in organised retail in National Capital region Management Studies 19-08-2015
  Lalit Sharma Enterpreneurship as a preferred career choice among the students of professional courses – A study of Uttarakhand State Management Studies 05-10-2015
  Tejinder Jeet Singh Employees Turnover and Retention Strategies in Hopitality Industry Management Studies 23-09-2015
  Sunil Barthwal Cultural Values and Advertising of Durable Goods: A Study in Uttarakhand Management Studies 11-09-2015
  Meera Sharma A Study on Job Stress in Banks, its causes, effect and coping strategies Management Studies 17-10-2015
  Vishnu Nath Antecedents of Indian consumers green purchase intentions Management Studies 21-08-2015
  Shalini Verma Quality of work life and its impact on employee performance special reference to india IT sector Management Studies 10-09-2015
  Puneet Chandra Srivastava Performance of Turbo-Coded pulse position Modulation for optical communication ECE 22-08-2015
  Munendra Mohan Varshney Synthesis, Characterization and biological evaluation of some newer imines Pharmacy 12-09-2015
  Mintu Kundu Ethnomedicinal Documentation and Scientific Exploration of Antidiabetic Herbs of Purnia district, Bihar Pharmacy 26-11-2015
  Mohammad Asif Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of some New 3(2H)-Pyridazinone Derivatives Pharmacy 28-09-2015
  Saurabh Pandey In silico approaches for analysis of ascorbate peroxidase gene expression of Oryza sativa in stress Biotechnology 21-08-2015
  Poonam Bala Developing A Novel Structure for Effective Knowledge representation CSE 04-12-2015
  Meenakshi Bhatt Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of some Himalayan Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 19-09-2015
  Richa Seth Assessment of water Quality and Bacterial Indicators to Investigate Pollution Status of Drinking water of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand Life Sciences (Microbiology) 17-08-2015
  Abhay Prakash Mishra Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of some rare Medicinal Plant Extracts of Garhwal Himalaya Pharmacy 16-03-2016
  Sonal Sharma Modeling of ETL Process to Improve Data Quality of Agricultural Domain CSE 06-11-2015
  Meenakshi Chandok Customer Experiences in Retail Banking Services: A Study of selected Banks in Uttarakhand Management Studies 29-09-2015
  Mini Ojha Synthesis of Polymer Conjugates for colon specificity and formulation of 5 Fluorouracial & Leucovorin tablets Pharmacy 12-09-2015
  Shashi Singh Impact of Organisational role stress and climate on Employee's job satisfaction: A Study of DLW Varanasi Management Studies 21-09-2015
  Sumit Purohit Studies on Propagation and Genetic variability of Zanthoxylum armatum DC. in Uttarakhand Life Science (Biotech) 04-09-2015
  Vinod Hatwal Impact of HRM Practices on Employee commitment & Loyalty: A Study of Manufacturing Units in Uttarakhand Management Studies 10-09-2015
  Abhishek Tiwari Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolidine 3, 5 Dione and Biological Activity Pharmacy 17-08-2015
  Ekta Kapoor Synthesis and Biological evaluation of Cycohexane-1, 4-diamine derivatives. Pharmacy 23-11-2015
  Yashpal Negi Paradigm Changes in Human Resource  Management: A Study of Hospitality Industry in Uttarkhand. Management Studies 27-11-2015
  Palki Setia Employee Misconduct & its relationship with worklife balance in Hospitality Industry in NCR Management Studies 10-12-2015
  Dipti Srivastava Impact of Computer Aided Language learning on Uttarakhand Technical Students: A Study on Learning Experience of ESL Students. English 15-12-2015
  Archana Uppal Substituted Thiazolyl 1, 2, 3, 4-  Tetrahydronaphthalene Derivatives: Synthesis and Biological Activity. Pharmacy 24-12-2015
  Surendra Kumar Gupta Investigations of Circular Microstrip Antenna for Multiband Applications ECE 28-12-2015
  Sonal Setya Development and evaluation of  nanoemulsion for transdermal drug delivery Pharmacy 28-12-2015
  Anuj Nautiyal Development and Evaluation of Polyphytoformulation for the treatment of  Diabetes mellitus Pharmacy 29-12-2015
  Rajeev Kumar Sharma Synthesis and Screening of Novel Compounds and Formulation of Tablets for  Colon Targeting Pharmacy 29-12-2015
  Sunil Bhaskaran Study and Development of Improved Methodology for Time Series Data Mining CSE 30-12-2015
  Swapnil Goyal Anti-Arthritic Activity of Isolated Phytoconstituents from some Medicinal Plants in Different Arthritic Models in Rats. Pharmacy 02-01-2016
  Bhawna Chahar Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness: A Study of Selected
Management Studies 04-01-2016
  Shilpi Gupta (Agarwal) Studies of Physicochemical properties with special reference to Lubricity of Diesel Fuels of two Different Refineries Chemistry 15-01-2016
  Abhijeet Ojha Development and Evaluation of Biolayers for Oro Translabial delivery of Phenytoin and lamotrigine Pharmacy 20-01-2016
  Shilpa Pahwa Screening of Plants under Bauhinia Species for their Antidiabetic and Antimicrobial Potentiality Pharmacy 25.01.2016
  Lal Ratnakar Singh Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Substituted Quinazolinone Derivative Pharmacy 25.01.2016
  Poornima Mittal Modeling and Simulation of Organic Material Based Electronic Devices and Their Application ECE 19.02.2016
  Ashish Bagwari Robust Spectrum Sensing Technique in Cognitive Radio Networks ECE 23.02.2016
  Awanish Kumar Pandey Preclinical Evaluation of Herbal Agent for the Treatment of Diabetes Pharmacy 24.02.2016
  Akhilesh Kumar Tripathi Development and Evaluation of Antidiabetic Polyherbal Formulation Containing some Indigenous Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 24.02.2016
  Aruna Rani Design analysis and applications of micro- strip antenna and its fractals using genetic concept and software tool CSE 29.02.2016
  Nasiruddin Ahmad Farooqui Analytical method development and
validation of few herbal compounds
isolated from Neem and Vasaka by high performance liquid Chromatography
Pharmacy 29.02.2016
  Anshita Goel Identification and In Silico Characterization of Calcium Binding Proteins/Transporters Involved in the Spatio-Temporal Distribution and Accumulation of Calcium in Eleusine Coracana Appliesd Science (Bioinformatics) 08.03.2016
  Rupesh Dudhe Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and
Validation of Pyrimidine Derivatives
Pharmacy 08.03.2016
  Manjeet Gupta Performance Enhancement in Multitenant's Application for Geographical Data Centres in Private Cloud. CSE 26.03.2016
  Vijay Pratap Management Information System in Power Sector Corporation: A Case Study of National Capital Region` Management Studies 14.03.2016
  Ms. Sadhna Singh Construction of An Immunoaffinity Biosensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Transducer for Detection of Teliospores of Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica) of Wheat Biotech 31.03.2016
  Ms. Jyoti Sardana Some Behavioral Determinants of Strategic Leadership in improving the Organizational performance: A study in selected
Automotive Type Industries of India
Management Studies 05.04.2016
  Subhash Chandra Evaluation of Nutritional Profile and Medicinal value of some Important Nutraceuticals of Garhwal Himalaya Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) 12.04.2016
  M.H. Kalubarme Development of Cotton yield Models using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing, Soil and Agrometeorological Data in GIS Environment Environment Science 04.03.2016
  Ms. Rekha Bisht Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of isolated compounds of Desmodium Gangeticum and Abroma Augusta Pharmacy 28.04.2016
  Ms. Sonika Kandari Design of QoS Monet Architecture for optimizing performance of routing Protocols CSE 30.06.2016
  Ms. Sindhu Hak Gupta Performance Analysis of Coded Cooperative Communication ECE 11.07.2016
  Mr. Touseef Husain Detection and Quantification of Phytophthora Infestans in Host Tissues and Infested Soil Life Sciences (Biotechnology) 25.07.2016
  Mr. Balaji Madhavrao Patil Probing Based Approach for Fault Localization in Computer Networks. Computer Sciences & Engineering 06.08.2016
  Mr. Sanjay Singh Phytochemical and Pharmacological Screening of Medicinal Plants in Uttarakhand Region for
Antidiabetic Activity
Pharmacy 09.08.2016
  Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Pandey Impact of Lifestyle on Buyer's Brand Preference - A Study of Selected Consumer Durables. Management 12.08.2016
  Mr. Rajeev Saran Ahluwalia Integrated approach for snow and glacier melt runoff studies in beas basin, Western Himalaya, India. Geophysics/Geology 16.08.2016
  Mr. Rishabh Dev Pandey Pharmacological Screening of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants for Their Effect on Cognitive Function and Influence of Brain  Cholinergic
Pharmacy 22.08.2016
  Ms. Charu Verma Studies on Biochemical and Molecular
Characterization of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes Pectin Methyl Esterase Relevant to Banana Ripening
Biotechnology 26.08.2016
  Ms. Varsha Tiwari Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies of Some Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 27.08.2016
  Mr. Sanket Kumar Saxena Derivatives of Seed Oil as A Biodegradable Lubricant Applied Sciences (Chemistry) 30.08.2016
  Ms. Nidhi Sethi A New Cryptographic Strategy for Digital Images CSE 09.02.2016
  Mr. Lal Chand Bishnoi A Novel Method for Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks CSE 05.09.2016
  Mr. Abhishek Bansal Development & Evaluation of Biolayers for Translingual Delivery of Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin Pharamcy 08.09.2016
  Ms. Manjusha Molecular Characterization of HIV Associated Tuberculosis Mircobiology 04.10.2016
  Ms. Meetakshi Belwal Assessment of Teachers Retention in Private Professional Institutes and Universities. Management 15.10.2016
  Ms. Harshita Comparative Polymer Biodegradation Studies Using Carrier Based Formulations of Indigenously Developed Bacterial Consortia Microbiology 21.10.2016
  Ms. Poonam Joshi Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Sapium Sebiferum and Vallaris Solanacea. Chemistry 22.10.2016
  Ms. Usha Jaiswal Impact of Pranic Healing on Leadership Effectiveness - A Critical Study. Management 22.10.2016
  Mr. Shibnath Kamila Polyphyto Formulations and Pharmacological Screening for its Memory Modulatory Activity Pharmacy 24.10.2016
  Mr. Neelaksh Performance Evaluation of Automatic Test Case Generation of Web Services Testing CSE 05.11.2016
  Mr. Netrapal Sharma Genetic Divergence Among Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides (L) Using Protein and Molecular Marker Based Analysis with Respect to Anti-Oxidant Properties Biotechnology 08.11.2016
  Ms. Indu Gautam Financial Derivatives: A Study of Indian Capital Market Management 12.11.2016
  Ms. Ankita Saxena Workforce Diversity and Its Impact on Productivity. Management 15.11.2016
  Mr. Anchit Prakash Bijalwan Investigation of Botnet Attack CSE 16.11.2016
  Mr. Arun Kumar Yadav Design of Search Engine to Optimize Spatial Search Results CSE 17.11.2016
  Mohd. Amin Mir Studies on the Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Value (S) of Taraxacum Officinale. Chemistry 15.12.2016
  Swati Raina Antecedents and Consequences of Strategic Green Marketing Orientation (SGMO). Management 17.12.2016
  Monika Dahiya An Emirical Study on Preferred Investment Avenues Among Salaried Personnel with Special Reference to Saharanpur City. Management 17.12.2016
  Kadambari Agarwal Design and Development of Multi Cast Routing Algorithm for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks. CSE 22.12.2016
  Poonam Tripathi Investigation and Comparison of Pharmacodynamic Interaction of Antidiabetic Herbs with Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents in Rats. Pharmacy 23.12.2016
  Shilpa Srivastava E-Health Services: Aspects and Analysis. CSE 24.12.2016
  Amit Kumar Uniyal EOQ Models with and without permissible delay in payments. Applied Science 24.12.2016
  Vikas Goel An energy efficient non uniform indexing technique for multiple wireless broadcast channel. CSE 02.01.2017
  Neha Tiwari Phytochemical Investigation of Some Indian Medicinal Plants for Antistress Activity. Pharmacy 06.01.2017
  Jagbir Singh Dalal Hospitality Services in Industrial Estates of Uttarakhand Management 07.01.2017
  Gaurav Rajput Chemical Modification of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Gum Chemistry 11.01.2017
  Manoj Kumar Optimal Ordering Policies with and without Permissible delay in Payments under terioration  rate Mathematics 17.01.2017
  Pradeep Babu Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand Microbiology 18.01.2017
  Swati Sinha Branding Strategies of Management Institutes, A Study in National Capital Region Management 28-01-2017
  Ritika Gauba Customer Satisfaction in the Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of SBI and HDFC. Management 13.02.2017
  Jaya Gopal Yadav Optimal Energy Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Drives. Electrical Engineering 18.02.2017
  Archana Verma Retrieval, Comparison and Structural Prediction of Biological Sequences CS 18.02.2017
  Bhanu Priya Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation on Kigelia Africana (LAM.) Benth and Rotula Aquatica Lour. Chemistry 25.02.2017
  Ankur Dumka Hierarchical MPLS with per Hop based security Protocol. CSE 18.03.2017
  Sandhana Shanker Some Structures on Differentiable Manifolds Mathematics 27.03.2017
  Bhatt Truptiben Kamleshbhai Quest for Enlightenment “The Recurrent Theme in Hermann Hesse’s Major Novels English 28.03.2017
  Rizwan Ahmad Development of quality standards and Pharmaco  logical evaluation of some medicinal plants with specific reference to antioxidant and nephroprotective activities Pharmacy 14.04.2017
  Sarika Malhotra Noise Reduction Using Pattern Recognition Techniques in Signals Transmission from Complex Source. ECE 15.04.2017
  Tajinder Singh Arora An Investigation into CMOS Implementation and Applications of Third Generation Current Conveyors. ECE 20.04.2017
  Jayati Naithani A Comparative Study of Marketing Strategies of Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks in India. Management 21-04-2017
  Nitin Kumar Study and Design of a Miniaturized Antenna Based on Left Hand Materials. ECE 22-04-2017
  Bharti Sharma Modelling in Intelligent Transport System CSE 24-04-2017
  Mahavir Singh Naruka Power Quality Aspects for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Electrical Engineering 5.3.2017
  Kiran Srivastava Simulation and Modelling of Switched Reluctance Motor Electrical Engineering 6.5.2017
  Simarjeet Makkar Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees Workplace Behaviour: A Study in Private and Public Sector Banks Management 6.5.2017
  Seema Gupta Impact of FDI on Corporate Hospitals in India: A Study in Delhi and NCR. Management 6.5.2017
  Priti Vyas Soft Skills in Employability: An Empirical Study of Engineering Graduates and their Sustainability in the Corporate World. English 8.5.2017
  Ritu Singh Retro-Polymerization of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) by Green Solvents. Chemistry 9.5.2017
  Pooja Singh Management of Plastics Waste Using Activated Glass. Chemistry 9.5.2017
  Kalpana Pawar GPI Anchor Biosynthesis: A Study of the role of PIG-H/GP115 in Candida Albicans. Biotechnology 15.50.2017
  Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan Complex Wavelet Transform Based Filter An Efficient Tool for Image Fusion and De-Noising. ECE 16.5.2017
  Shailendra Mani Mishra EOQ Models Under Different Demand Rates. Mathematics 17.5.2017
  Rakesh Chandra Bhadula Mathematical Modelling for Some Flow Problems in Water Distribution Pipe Line Network. Mathematics 17.5.2017
  Amrendra Kumar Chaudhary Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Screening of Cedrus Deodara Loud and Pinus Roxburghii Sarg for memory Enhancing Wound Healing and Antiulcer Activities. Pharmacy 19.5.2017
  Ravindra Singh Tomar Study and Realization of CMOS Compatible Biquad Filters Using CFTA and CCTA. ECE 22.5.2017
  Abhishek Bhardwaj Formulation and Pharmacological Screening of Polyphyto Dispersible Tablet as Antilithogenic and Antihyperlipidemic agent. Pharmacy 23.5.2017
  Amit Saxena Synthesis and Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Antitubercular activities of some new indole derivatives. Pharmacy  26-05-2017
  Rajesh Kumar Tiwari Microwave interaction with various targets for remote sensing. ECE  26-05-2017
  Monika Bhatnagar Design and Implementation of Circular Polarized Microstrip Antenna for Wideband ECE 29.5.2017
  Anju Thapliyal Employee Attrition and Retention in Business Process Outsourcing: A Study of National Capital Region. Management 30.5.2017
  Pardeep Sangwan Design and Implementation of an Efficient Language Independent Speaker Recognition System ECE 3.6.2017
  Amit Malhotra Impact of HRM Practices on Employee Attrition: A Study of Selected BPOs in National Capital Region. Management 14.6.2017
  Prabhat Kumar Raghuvanshi Microwave Signature Studies for Remote Sensing Applications. ECE 14.6.2017
  Naveen Dwivedi Biological Remediation of Cyanide in a Packed Bed SAB Reactor Biotechnology 15.6.2017
  Amit Kumar Thakur Analyzing the Performance Characteristics and Exhaust Emissions of SI engine with Varying Percentages. Mechanical Engineering 15.6.2017
  Mahesh Kumar Agarwal Electrical and Optical Properties of Ta2O5 mixed Ti02 (~8% mole) ECE 20.6.2017
  Deepak Bansal Venture Capital Financing and Its Impact on Indian Economy (On Selected Sectors) Management 24.6.2017
  Sameeksha Jain Performance Management System: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Enterprises Management 27.6.2017
  Juhi Garg Occupational Stress Among Employees and It’s Impact upon the Organisational Climate (A Study on ONGC, Dehradun) Management 27.6.2017
  Mohd Yasir Fomulation and Evaluation of Nose to Brain Drug Delivery System for Drugs Acting on CNS Pharmacy 30.6.2017
  Roope Khare Impact of Emotional Stability, Passion and Work Recognition on Job Commitment  of Teaching Professionals Management 1.7.2017
  Manveer Singh Kandari Study on Blood of some Hill Stream Fishes of Doon Valley Life Sciences (Zoology) 3.7.2017
  Shubha Dwivedi Biological Removal of Fluoride from Industrial Waste Water Biotechnology 5.7.2017
  Lubhan Singh Evaluation of Neuroprotective Effect of Extracts of Rhododendron Arboreum, Fumaria Parviflora and Stephania Glabra against Colchicine Induced Cognitive Impairment and Oxidative Damage in Mice Pharmacy 6.7.2017
  Sanjay Kumar Security Issue for Wireless Sensor Networks CSE 10.7.2017
  Jhuma Samanta Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Cissampelos Pareira (Root and Stem) and Thevetia Peruviana (Leaves) for Antifiertility Activity Pharmacy 19.7.2017
  Sonal Pundhir Impact of Absenteeism on Organizational Productivity: A Study of Selected Capital Goods Industry. Management 1.9.2017
  Dwarka Prasad Design of Grounding System for High Voltage Substations. Electrical Engineering 7.9.2017
  Mohd. Yaseen Khan Customized Communication, Value Proposition and Customer Loyalty in Retail Sector (A Study based on SERVPERF-RSQS Model). Management 8.9.2017
  Amitabh Talwar Genetic Diversity of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Doon Valley Hospitals Life Science (Microbiology) 8.9.2017
  Tanuj Kumar Garg Reconfigurable Antenna Design and ITS Optimization Using Hybrid Soft Computing. ECE 13.9.2017
  Brajlata Chauhan Development and Analysis of Microstrip Conformal Antenna for A Military Aircraft Application. ECE 13.9.2017
  Ritika Aggarwal Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Investment Pattern: An Emperial Study. Management 14.9.2017
  Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary Probabilistic EOQ Models under Inflation Rate. Mathematics 14.9.2017
  Rajeev Kumar Green Marketing Strategies and its Impact on Business Performance. Management 15.9.2017
  Ekta Pandey Study of Approximation Properties of Mixed Summation and Integral Type Operators. Mathematics 15.9.2017
  Rachna Bamba Customer Relationship Management in Food Retailing: A Study of Selected Retail Organization in New Delhi and Nearby Areas Management 16.9.2017
  Nikhil Monga A Study of Brand Loyalty in Mid Size Car Segment in India. Management 16.9.2017
  Anil Waldia Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Capsules used as Antidiabetic. Pharmacy 16.9.2017
  Ashish Arya Recruitment and Selection Strategies and their Impact on Business Performance: A Case of Selected Banks. Management 16.9.2017
  Reetuka Raj Synthesis Characterization, Study of Properties of Metal Manganese (II) Bakelite Composites and its Application Chemistry 22.9.2017
  Vijai Singh Image Segmentation using Genetic Algorithm CSE 22.9.2017
  Dinesh Kumar Singh Comprehensive Study of Just-in-Time (JIT) Parameters and their Applications in Context of Indian Industries. Mechanical Engineering 23.9.2017
  Bhavya Alankar A System Approach for Exploring Reconfigurable Computing ECE 27.9.2017
  Rakesh Kumar Maurya Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antenna ECE 27.9.2017
  Ankit Agarwal Service Quality Gap in Public & Private Sector Banks in Uttarakhand Management 29.9.2017
  Shikha Bhardwaj uccession Planning in Family Owned Business  (FOB) in India: A Study on Automotive Component SMEs Management 29.9.2017
  Pavan Kumar Shukla Analysis and Synthesis of Optical OFDM System using Comb and FDE Techniques ECE 29.9.2017
  Prabjot Kaur Retention Strategies of Faculty Members in Selected B-Schools in Northern India Management 4.10.2017
  Rajesh Maithani Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristic of V-Rib with Symmetrical Gaps Roughened Solar Air Heater. Mechanical Engineering 13.10.2017
  Narinder Kumar Sharma Design and Development of Hybrid Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications ECE 15.11.2017
  Bharti Ramola Studies on the Effluent Characteristics of Pharma and Sugar Industries and its Impact on the Water Quality of Dehradun region Chemistry 17.11.2017
  Himani Agarwal Impact of Faculty Development Strategies on the Development of B-School” Management 17.11.2017
  Taranbir Singh Tej Human Resource Management Practices in Indian Banking Sector: A comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks. Management 18.11.2017
  Nitish Pathak Mining and SPF based round trip engineering for the development of Web Applications CSE 20.11.2017
  Shweta Singh Tomar Optimal Ordering Policies with and witout Deterioration Rate Mathematics 23.11.2017
  Anuj Kumar Rana Effect of Sugar Industries Effluent on Soil & Selected Crops Biotechnology 25.11.2017
  Surendra Singh Gusain Phytochemical, Pharmacognostic and Antidiabetic Studies of Some Medicinally Important Plants from Uttarakhand. Pharmacy 25-11-2017
  Sharmila Hindi Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Model Tool Kit ECE 30-11-2017
  Amrapali Negi Effectiveness of Human Resource Audit System: A Study of Selected Service Organization of Uttarakhand Management 04-12-2017
  Alok Kumar Singh Performance Evaluation of Indian Civil Aviation Industry with Special Reference to Air India Limited. Management 08-12-2017
  Manoj Kumar Rana On Optimization for Network Flow Congestion Control Using Soft Computing Tools CSE 16-12-2017
  Vijay Prakash Gupta Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks in India: A Study of Selected Banks in Meerut Division Management 28-12-2017
  Dheeraj Bisht Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Dinitrophenothiazine Derivatives Pharmacy 29-12-2017
  Sayantan Mukhopadhyay Development and Evaluation of Natural Polymeric Film Loaded with Rivastigmine and Donepezil for Transcranial Drug Delivery Pharmacy 29-12-2017
  Laxmi Goswami Development and Evaluation of Bionanogels of Selegiline and Escitalopram for Brain Targeting Through EAR. Pharmacy 29-12-2017
  Ranjit Kumar Mukherji Impact of Organizational Learning Capabilities on Business Performance Management 30-12-2017
  Ashutosh Singh Organizational Change and Its Impact on Employees Behaviour in NCR Management 30-12-2017
  Nishtha Malik Authentic Leadership and its Impact on work outcomes: The Intervening Role of Psychological Capital and Autonomy Management 09-01-2018
  Gyanesh Joshi Synthesis and Characterization of Cellulose Derivatives Derived from Waste Paper Chemistry 22-01-2018
  Vikas Tripathi Developing Video Surveillance Methods for Efficient Monitoring, Analysis and Behaviour Recognition CSE 25-01-2018
  Garima Gwari Estimation of Molecular and Genetic Varibility in Perilla
Species in Uttarakhand: Using Molecular Markers.
Biotechnology 27-01-2018
  Monika Bhatia Performance Evaluation of Major Indian Telecom Service Providers Using Balanced Scorecard: A Study in NCR Management 03-02-2018
  Deepa Godara An Efficient Frequency Based Change Proneness Prediction Method Using Behavioral Dependency and UML Class Diagrams CSE 03-02-2018
  Rajeev Kumar Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Pharma  cological Evaluation of some Novel 1, 2, 4- Triazine Derivatives Pharmacy 05-02-2018
  Mukesh Kumar Investigations on C.I. Engine Performance, Emission and Its Limitation using Biodiesels from Jatropha, Mahua and Neem Oils in Indian Conditions Mechanical Engineering 15-02-2018
  Taresh Singh Unusual Event Detection Using Optical Flow Technique CSE 17-02-2018
  Richa Chandel (Student of GBPEC, Pauri) Design and Development of UWB and MIMO Antennas for Wireless Application ECE 19-02-2018
  Anugrah Rohini Lall Investors Preference for Investment in Financial Market: A Study in Uttarakhand Management 21-02-2018
  Narendra Singh Panwar Cryptanalysis and Further Enhancement of ID and Biometrics based remote user Authentication scheme using Smart Card CSE 24-02-2018
  Somnath Basu Microstructual Modification of Steel by Pulsed Current Autogenous Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Mechanical Engineering 03-03-2018
  Neha Agarwal Non-Performing Assets and Profitability of Commercial Banks: A Study of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks Management 03-03-2018
  Shantanu Kumar Biswas Impact of Strategic HRM on Employees Performance: A Study of Selected Power Sector PSUs Management 03-03-2018
  Aprajita Bhardwaj Studies on Cell Wall Polysaccharides with special reference to Pectin Substances and their Antioxidant activity at various stages of fruit ripening in Prunus Armeniaca Life Science (Bio-Chemistry) 09-03-2018
  Amit Saini Foreign Direct Investment in SAARC Economies Management 12-03-2018
  Awakash Dixit A Study on the generation of custom designed beams and their propagation characteristics for adaptive optics Physics 13-03-2018
  Gunjan Agarwal Optimization of Process Parameters for the Minimization of Wastes in a Machining System Mechanical Engineering 17-03-2018
  Rakhi Gauniyal Study of Parametric Instabilities in Laser Plasma Intraction at High Power Laser Physics 17-03-2018
  Manasi Gupta Studies on Degradation of Imidacloprid, Endosulfan and Coragen by a Novel Soil Bacterium PSEUDOMONAS SP. RPT 52 Life Sciences 19-03-2018
  Pooja Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Rural Consumption Pattern in Haryana Management Studies 19-03-2018
  Manmohan Lakhera An Efficient Algorithm for Securing Biometric Data over Computer Network CSE 23-03-2018
  Hemlata Bhatt Phytochemical studies and Anti-Diabetic Potential of some Medicinal Plants available in Garhwal Himalaya Pharmacy 26-03-2018
  Vijay Raj Shokeen Implementation of Local Exchange Network by Incorporating Optical Burst Switching ECE 28-03-2018
  Sanjeev Kumar Singh Few Performance Issues in Distributed Real-Time Data Base System CSE 31-03-2018
  Ramender Nautiyal Assessment and Treatment of Organic and Biochemical Pollutants in Water of Gola River, Nainital Life Science (Biochemistry) 02-04-2018
  Indu Goyal Customer Relationship Management in An Automobile Industry: A Study in Western Uttar Pradesh Management 04-04-2018
  Neeti Pandey Phytochemical Investigation, Pharmacological Screening and Formulation Development of Medicinal Plants for Antiepileptic Activity. Pharmacy 10-04-2018
  Lavanya Sharma Motion Based Object Detection Using Back ground Subtraction Technique for Smart Video Surveillance CSE 12-04-2018
  Swati Yadav Design and Analysis of Band-Notched Antennas for UWB and MIMO Applications ECE 13-04-2018
  Saurabh Saini Impact of Sugar Industry Effluent on Soil Bacteria and Growth of Wheat and Maize Crops Life Science (Microbiology) 16-04-2018
  Amit Bahukhandi Altitude and Habitat Dependent Variation in Morphological and Phytochemical Diversity of Selected Apple (Malus Domestica Borkh) Cultivars in Uttarakhand Life Science (Biotechnology) 16-04-2018
  Hemlata Verma Pharmacognostical and Pharmacological studies on some Arisaema species Pharmacy 21-04-2018
  Shikha Srivastava Development and Evaluation of Polyherbal Formulation of Indian Medinical Plants for Antidiabetic Activity Pharmacy 21-04-2018
  Rekha Impact of Digital Marketing Communication on Consumer Buying Decision Process: A Study of  Indian Passenger Car Market Management 19-06-2018
  Tamana Anand Impact of FDI on Organised Retailing in India and Malaysia: A Study of Different Intermediaries Management 13.08.2018
  Deepak Negi A Computer Simulated Study on Applications of Fractals and Dynamical Systems. CSE 16.08.2018
  Dinesh Kumar Techniques for Voice Recognition Using Artificial Intellignece ECE 18-08-2018
  Jay Prakash Design and Development of Efficient Gateway Discovery Protocols in Mobile AD HOC Network for Internet Access. CSE 18.08.2018
  Alaknanda Design and Development of Plannar Antennas for Multiband Applications. ECE 18.08.2018
  Anju Tripathi Impact of Intrinsic Motivation on Academic Performance of Management Teachers: A Study of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Colleges Management 25.08.2018
  Nina Singh Impact of Training and Development on Productivity: A Study of Selected Manufacturing Firms in Uttarakhand. Management 27.08.2018
  Nirpendra Singh Lingwal Impact of Hospitality Education and Government Policy
Perspective in Promoting Tourism in Uttarakhand
Management 27.08.2018
  Anant Lakeshendra Impact of Employee’s Length of Service on Role Stress: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in Western Uttar Pradesh. Management 30.08.2018
  Padma Latha Patnam Utilization of Carbon Dioxide and other Renewable Materials in the Production of Specially Polymers and Catalyst. Chemistry 01.09.2018
  Raju Ranjan To Design A Data Mining Model for Improving the Quality of Higher Education in India. CSE 04.09.2018
  Krishan Chandra Bahuguna Characterization of 2128 nm Laser Wavelength from Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) & Its Application. Physics 11.09.2018
  Mohd. Zubair Ahmad Agripreneurship: Study of Selected MSMEs in Rohilkhand Region. Management 11.09.2018
  Prashant Thapliyal A Study of Viscoelastic Properties and Non-Destructive Characterization of Nanofluids Physics 15-09-2018
  Ashish Kumar Study of the Trace Elements of Carbonates and Fluid Compositions in Sedimentary Basins for Crude Oil of Bombay Basin. Chemistry 15.09.2018
  Rohit Kumar Novel Nanostructured Hydroprocessing Catalysts Chemistry 18.09.2018
  Vikrant Sharma Open Area Sensor Network Deployment Policies and Models CSE 18.09.2018
  Anant Agarwal Dynamic of Spousal - Joint Purchase Decision Making towards Household Consumer Durables Management 22.09.2018
  Sunita Gupta (Bansal) Structural and Green Quotient Evaluation of Existing Buildings Using Fuzzy Logic and Green Building Rating Systems Civil Engineering 22.09.2018
  Vaishali Rani Garg Development of Nanopatterned Antimicrobial Superhydrophobic Polymeric Coating for Medical Application Life Sciences (Biochemistry) 28.09.2018
  Kumari Jyoti Phyto-Mediated Synthesis, Characterization and Potential Applications of Silver Nanoparticles Biotechnology 15.10.2018
  Anuj Nehra Use of Graphene-Based Interfacing Nanoscale Bio-Components in Biosensing Devices for Common Bacterial Detection Physics 17.10.2018
  Nazia Hasan Phased Array Using Polarization Tunable Antenna. ECE 20.10.2018
  Seema Madhok A Critical Analysis of Women Characters in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction English 25.10.2018
  Vinay Kumar Pandey Enhanced Security Framework for Communication & Management in Mobile AD HOC Network CSE 25.10.2018
  Aanchal Singhal Impact of Microfinance on Socio-Economic Development of Poor in Uttarakhand Management 01.12.2018
  Manish Role of E-Trust in E-Commerce Adoption in India Management 01.12.2018
  Pankaj Tiwari The Impact of Credit Risk Management on Profitability of Commercial Banks in India. Management 06.12.2018
  Ankur Saxena A Robust and Deterministic Watermarking Approach based on Bird Swarm Optimization for Improving QOS CSE 07.12.2018
  Aarti Dangwal Measuring Tourist Satisfaction on Selected Destinations of Haryana State. Management 07.12.2018
  Aditya Saxena Statistical Analysis of Type II Diabetes Gene Expression Datasets with Reference to Various Genetic and Environmental Factors using Open Source Software Project Bioconductor Biotechnology 14.12.2018
  Rachit Kumar An Empirial Study of Problems and Prospects of Micro Finance in India-with Special References to Uttar Pradesh Management 15.12.2018
  Soniya Mehandiratta Impact of Mergers & Acquisition on Financial Performance of Indian Commercial Banks” Management 15.12.2018
  Shilpi Mittal Role of Psychological Contract in Employee Retention: A Study of Private Higher Education Institutes in Uttarakhand Management 15.12.2018
  Chanda Thapliyal Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Image Processing Problems Mathematics 17-12-2018
  Archana Sukhija Role of Organization Structure on Quality of Work Life of Executive Working in NCR Management 20.12.2018
  Usha Verma Production and Partial Purification of a-Amylase from
Bacillus Cereus by using Wheat Bran as a Substrate
Life Sciences (Microbiology) 20.12.2018
  Pushpa Kataria Health Care Strategies and Its Impact on the Quality of Health Services in Uttarakhand Management 22.12.2018
  Krishna Kumar Singh Big Data Analysis in Stock Market: A Green Forecasting Approach CSE 29.12.2018
  Ruchi Gupta Development of Some Load Distribution Algorithm in Distributed Processing System Computer Science 05.01.2019
  Durgadas Anghore Pharmacognostical Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Selected Plants Pharmacy 07.01.2019
  Priyanka Dalmia Tourists Perception of Online Tourism Services: A Study in National Captical Region Management 07.01.2019
  Manoj Singh Adhikari Design and Simulation of Small Signal and Power Mosfets ECE 11.01.2019
  Agya Ram Verma Filter Design Using Evolutionary Optimization Technique for Biomedical Applications ECE 11.01.2019
  Himani Singh Determination of the Antioxidant, Anti-Skin Aging, and Skin-Whitening Activities of the Total Phenolic Compounds Isolated From Eleven Wild Edible Fruits of Uttarakhand Biotechnology 16.01.2019
  Amrit Parashar Role of Agro-Based Industries in the Development of Rural Economy: A Study of Western Uttar Pradesh Management 19.01.2019
  Dhirendra Fartyal Development of Herbicide Tolerant Transgenic Rice Plants for Sustainable Weed Management Biotechnology 24.01.2019
  Dinesh Kumar In Vitro Study of Indian Herbs with Potent Antimicrobial Activity and Isolation of Active Molecules from the Selected Herb. Life Sciences (Bio-Chemistry) 30.01.2019
  Hitesh Kumar Sharma Impact of Commitment and Motivation on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Teachers in Higher Education Management 01.02.2019
  Minakshi Shroff Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel 2-Pyrazoline Derivatives Pharmacy 07-02-2019
  Shashi Kumari Digital Modulation Techniques in Optical Communication System using Dispersion Campensation Fiber for Improved Performance ECE 18-02-2019
  Anju Malik An Effective Cryptographic Algorithm for Renewal and Signing to Achieve Secure Cloud Storage and Computing. CSE 12-03-2019
  Devender Arora Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Approaches for Identification and Characterization of Plant Based Molecules as Potential Inhibitor of P13K/  mTOR/p53-Mdm2 Module Involved in Neoplastic Transformation. Biotechnology 16-03-2019
  Vishal Kumar Priority Based Data Scheduling in Vehicular Ad-  Hoc Networks. CSE 18-03-2019
  Indrajeet Kumar Analysis and Classification of Breat Density Using Mamographic Images CSE 30-03-2019
  Gunjan Varshney Power Quality Issues in DC Distribution System. Electrical Engineering 05-04-2019
  Sandeep Kaushal Through Wall Imaging System for Identification of Hidden Targets. ECE 09-04-2019
  Manisha Sahai Studies on Composition, Upgradation and Reological Behaviour of Hydrocorbons Derived from Tar Sands. Chemistry 27-09-2019
  Jyoti Porwal Studies on the Development of Environmentally-Protective Bio-Lubricants. Chemistry 10-10-2019
  Jyoti Rawat Analysis and Classification of Hematological Disorders using Microscopic Blood Images. CSE 18-01-2020
  Manisha Bhatt Performance Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems over Composite Fading Channels. ECE 07-02-2020
  Rajesh Kumar Pathak System Biology Approaches for Decoding the Resistance against Alternaria Blight in Brassica: Role of Resistant Gene Homologs and in Silico Designing of Mimicking Compounds for Defense Induction. Biotechnology 24.02.2020
  Pradeep Kumar Development of Advanced Solvent System for Post Combustion CO2 Capture Chemistry 16-06-2020 (Online)
  Mayank Punetha Design and Simulation of Lateral Trench Power Mosfets on SOI ECE 17-06-2020 (Online)
  Shailender Kumar Molecular Characterization and Genetic Diversity for Sugarcane Phytoplasmas and their Natural Reservaoirs. Biotechnology 07-07-2020 (Online)
  Anju Gauniya Development of Nanocrystals of Poorly Water Soluable Drugs for Improved Delivery Pharmacy 19-08-2020 (Online)
  Rakesh Nath Tiwari Multi-Slotted Planar Radiating Structures for Wideband Applications. ECE 20-08-2020 (Online)
  Jyotshana Kanti Design of Optimal Techniques for Spectrum Sensing at Low SNR in Cognitive Radio Networks. CSE 20-08-2020 (Online)
  Arvind Kumar Bhandari Chemo-Profiling of Large Cardamom (Amomum Subulatum Roxb) Growing in Different Parts of Uttarakhand and Raising Superior Planting Material through Plant Tissue Culture Technique. Biotechnology 29-08-2020 (Online)
  Sumer Singh Singhwal Some Investigation on Dielectric Resonator Antenna System ECE 31-08-2020 (Online)
  Dayashankar Singh Neural Predictive Architecture and Algorithm for Handwritten Hindi Character Recognition CSE 21-01-2021 (Online)
  Javed Miya Medical Image Compression With Region of Interest and Segmentation CSE 23-01-2021 (Online)
  Imran Sharif Shape Analysis and Target Detection from Multi Resoluation Remote Sensing Satellite Images. CSE 01-02-2021 (Online)
  Shailesh Chamola Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Satisfaction and Operational Performance in Hotel Industry: A Study of Selected Hotels in Uttarakhand. Management 05-02-2021 (Online)
  Ashutosh Kumar Anand Impact of Employee Performance Appraisal System on Employee Productivity: A Study of Selected Power Sector PSUs. Management 05-02-2021 (Online)
  Tilottama Singh Impact of Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) on Managerial Effectiveness: A Study of Selected Banks in Uttarakhand. Management 06-02-2021 (Online)
  Mini Mehta Performance Evaluation of Regional Rural Banks: A Comparative Study of Garhwal and Kumaon Region. Management 08-02-2021 (Online)
  Anil Lakhera Job Satisfaction in Hotel Industry: A Study of Select 5 Star Hotels in NCR Management 23-02-2021 (Online)
  Kumar Satyam HR Strategies and Their Impacts on Employee Retention in Hospitality Industry: A Comparative Study of Garhwal & Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand. Management 24-02-2021 (Online)
  Dinesh Sharma An Algorithm for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Soil Parameters. CSE 10-03-2021
  Harsimran Kaur Cloud-Based Architectural Framework for Implementation of ERP in Small and Medium Enterprises CSE 10-03-2021
  Karunesh Kumar Arora Impact of Incorporating Linguistic Knowledge in Statistical and Neural Machine Translation. CSE 12-03-2021
  Mitali Chugh Evaluation and Analysis of Best Practices of Knowledge Management for Software Process Improvement-A Model based Approach CSE 12-03-2021
  Jailaxmi Personality Traits and Work-Life Balance: A Study of Executives in Corporate Sector Management 23-03-2021
  Kamal Kumar Studies to Develop Modified Bitumen using Different Additives Chemistry 05-04-2021
  Praveen Kumar कैदियों के सुधार में दैनिक समाचार पत्रों की भूमिका व अन्तर्वस्तु विश्लेषण (देहरादून से प्रकाशित समाचार पत्रों के संदर्भ में) Mass Communication 05-07-2021
  Vinay Kumar Gupta Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Cassia glauca Lam. and Ficus arnottiana Miq. Chemistry 08-07-2021
  Kamlesh Kumar Bhatt A Probe into the Biodegradation Pathway for the Benzo(A) Pyrene Degradation in Bacillus Subtilis BMT4i (MTCC 9447) Biotechnology 19-07-2021
  Vishakha Bisht Studies on Bio-Based Calcareous and Siliceous Construction Materials Biotechnology 23-07-2021
  Puspraj Singh Chauhan Fading Analysis in Wireless Communication System With Diversity Reception ECE (GBPIET, Pauri) 27-07-2021
  Tanuj Hooda Synthesis and Pharmacological activities of Novel Derivatives of 2-(3-Methyl-benzo(b)thiophen-6-yl) 1 H-  benzoimidazole Pharmacy 28-07-2021
  Ravi Datt Newtonian Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of Square Wings Multiple Twisted Tape with Solid Rings Heat Exchanger Tube Mathematics 29-07-2021
  Bipin Kumar Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Circular Tube with Perforated Inserts Mechanical Engineering 02-08-2021
  Anu Sayal Development of some Inventory Models under CRISP and Fuzzy Environment System Mathematics 04.08.2021
  Pradeep Singh Rawat Performance Analysis of Cloud-Based Application using Neutral Bio-Inspired Efficient Resource
Provisioning Techniques.
CSE 04-08-2021
  Mohd. Tasleem Genetic Transformation of Brassica Juncea Using MPK3 Gene for Induction of Defense and Deciphering the Interacting Partners of MAPK Module Involved I Pathogenesis of Alternaria Blight Disease. Biotechnology 09-08-2021
  Dheerendra Singh Gangwar Multi Sink Architecture of Wireless Sensor Network for Agroecological Applications ECE 13-08-2021
  Harendra Singh Energy Efficient Routing Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 21-08-2021
  Sandeep Kumar Physical Mechanical and Sliding wear properties of Bauhinia Vahlii fiber reinforced hybrid epoxy composites Mechanical Engineering 25-08-2021
  Manoj Kumar Pathak Mechanical Properties and Fracture Studies of Ultrafine Grained Al 2014 Alloy Processed Through Different Rolling Methods Mechanical Engineering 27-08-2021
  Sunil Kumar Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of Different Nanofluids Flowing Through a Protrusion Obstacles Square Channel Mathematics 28-08-2021
  Siddharth Ghansela Performance Evaluation of Search Engines Using Vector Space Method Computer Science 08-10-2021
  Saurabh Kumar Singh A Novel Framework for Terrorist Network Mining CSE 08-10-2021
  Vempatapu Bhanu Prasad Studies on Adulteration in Petroleum Products and Environmental Pollutants : Analytical Method Development. Chemistry 11-10-2021
  Ritu Tayal A Study of Factors Influencing Organizational Effectiveness in Indian Banks. Management 12-10-2021
  Diwaker Pant Statistical Modeling and Fading Analysis of Wireless Communication System Over Fading Channel. ECE 16-10-2021
  Ankur Bisht Investigation on Mechanical and Sliding Wear Behaviour of AI Metal Foam with Addition of Zinc and Magnesium for Structural Applications Mechanical Engineering 18-10-2021
  Rishabha Malviya Characterization of Neen Gum (Azadirachta indica) and Kheri Gum (Acacia Chundra) as Pharmaceutical Excipent. Pharmacy 22-10-2021
  Pavan Kumar Tripathi हिन्दी दैनिक समाचार पत्रों में प्रकाशित राजनैतिक समाचारों का अन्तर्वस्तु विश्लेषण एवं प्रभावशीलता का अध्ययन Mass Communication 25-10-2021
  Tripuresh Joshi “Performance Improvement of TFETs for Switching and Analog/RF Applications” ECE 26-10-2021
  Jogendra Kumar “Delay Based Routing Analysis in Mobile AD-HOC Networks” CSE 27-10-2021
  Renu Maurya “Identification and Characterization of Phytoplasmas Infecting Medicinal Plants” Life Sciences 28-10-2021
  Shiv Saran Singh “Anticancer Activity of Some Potential Indian Medicinal Plants” Life Sciences 29-10-2021
  Samir Bhargava “Development and Characterization of Biocarriers for Biotechnological Application” Pharmacy 30-10-2021
  Neeraj Chugh Anomaly Detection in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) and its Impact on Performance and Security. Computer Science & Engineering 09.11.2021
  Neeraj Kataria A Study on Expatriate Management Practices in Oil and Gas Sector. Management 10.11.2021
  Satyam Prakash Srivastava Impact of Micro Finance on Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation Programmes in U.P: A Study in Seleted Districts. Management 11.11.2021
  Shagun Upadhyay A Study of Protective Effect of Huperzine-A and Folic Acid on Phenytoin Induced Cognitive Impairment. Pharmacy 12.11.2021
  Abhijeet Dhiman Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using High Affinity DNA Aptamers. Life Science 15.11.2021
  Amit Sharma Drug Utilization Study in Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital. Pharmacy 18.11.2021
  Ravindra Sharma The Impact of Employer Branding on Organizational Attractiveness, Job Engagement and Organizational Commitment: A Study of Indian IT Firms. Management 22.11.2021
  Yagyesh Godiyal On the Complex Dynamics of Fractal Iterative Methods & Their Application in Image Security. Computer Science 03.12.2021
  Chetan Awasthi Cellular and Molecular Profiling of Dengue Virus and to Study its Circulating Multiple Serotypes in Clinical Isolates. Biotechnology 07.12.2021
  Mohit Payal Design and Simulation on RF Power LDMOS on SOI and InGaAs. ECE 09.12.2021
  Sakshi Rajput Evaluation of Mobility Management Protocols for Next Generation Wireless Network. ECE 10.12.2021
  Khaliqur Rehman Ansari A Relational Study of Team Effectiveness with Employee Motivation, Satisfaction and Retention in Service Sector of Uttarakhand. Management 14-12-2021
  Shiv Kumar Design & Synthesis of Benzo[g] Quinoxaline-5, 10-dione derivatives & their Biological Evaluation as Antimycobacterial Agents. Pharmacy 15.12.2021
  Reema Goyal Fault Tolerant and Energy Efficient Model for Wireless Body Area Networks: Algorithms and Protocols. CSE 18.12.2021
  Sanjeev Kumar Investigation on Physico-Mechanical Properties of Himalayan Agave Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite. Mechanical Engineering 22.12.2021
  Jitendra Singh Rauthan Preserve Confidentiality of Users Data Using Encryption Approach. CSE 27.12.2021
  Dilshad Ali Studies on Nanomaterials Incorporated Cementitious System. Chemistry 28.12.2021
  Noor Mohd. Intrusion Detection System for Self Configurable Networks CSE 29.12.2021
  Ranjana Sharma Uncertainty Estimation in Satellite Images using Fuzzy Based Hybrid Soft Classifiers. CSE 29.12.2021
  Lokesh Pandey Experimental and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics in a Circular Heat Exchanger Tube using various inserts. Mechanical Engineering 30.12.2021
  Amit Kumar Design and Hardware Chip Implementation of OFDMA in Wireless Communication System. ECE 30.12.2021
  Nitin Upadhyaya Emergence of Social Media - New Opportunities and Challenges for Public Administration in India Mass Communication 31.12.2021
  Vikas Kumar Designing and Synthesis of Calanolide Against HIV. Chemistry 13.12.2021
  Abhishek Gupta Evaluation of Drinking Water Sources of Dehradun and Haridwar with Identification of Source of Contamination. Chemistry 11.01.2022
  Rohit Kanauzia Sign Language Recognition Resolution in Variable Background for Hearing Impaired People CSE 11.01.2022
  Nisha Upgradation of Petroleum Streams from Middle Distillate Using Solvent Extraction with Organic Solvents Chemistry 13.01.2022
  Sur Singh Rawat Developing Algorithms for Small Target Detection using Infrared Images. CSE 15.01.2022
  Neeraj Kumar Estimation of Wound Healing Activity of Some Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants Pharmacy 15.01.2022
  Satender Kumar A Framework of Recognition of Objects under Variable Lighting and Low Resolution Conditions CSE 17.01.2022
  Deepika Dubey Pose Invariant in Face Recognition CSE 18.01.2022
  Pawan Kumar Mishra Object Detection, Tracking and Classification for Video Surveillance using Feature Extraction Algorithm CSE 22.01.2022
  Bandana Bali Automatic Brain Tumor Detection using Pattern Recognition Technique CSE 24.01.2022
  Vaibhav Gupta Improvised Pattern Recognition and Compression Techniques using Artificial Neural Network Computer Science 25.01.2022
  Shivani Agarwal Prediction of Secondary Structure of Proteins by using Soft Computing Techniques CSE 27.01.2022
  Ashutosh Bhatt An Efficient Job Scheduling Strategy for Multi-Cloud Environment CSE 28.01.2022
  Arpana Kumari Knowledge Management in Indian Real Estate Industry Management 29.01.2022
  Harivans Pratap Singh Indexing Based Approach for Implementation of Latent Fingerprint Matching System CSE 29.01.2022
  Rahul Bahuguna Heat Transfer and fluid flow characteristics of heat exchanger tube with different inserts Mechanical Engineering 01.02.2022
  Pushpendra Sharma Studies on antimicrobial metabolites from endophytic actinobacteria isolated from Pinus roxburghii of Pauri (Garhwal) region Biotechnology 03.02.2022
  Prasoon Kumar Saxena Phytochemical and Pharmacological Screening of Medicinal Plant for the Treatment of  Hepatotoxicity Pharmacy 05.02.2022
  Lalit Kumar An Analysis of Working and Performance of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) for Last One Decade Since 2006. Management 09.02.2022
  Ambika Agarwal Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple Workflows in Cloud Computing Environment CSE 11.02.2022
  Anil Chandra Semwal Urinary Tract Infection in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand: Assessment of Microbial Spectrum and Epidemology Biotechnology 15.02.2022
  Rosaline Mishra Screening of Phyto Extracts from Marine and Terrestrial Sources for Anti-Obesity Activity Pharmacy 17.02.2022
  Sunil Kumar An Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Jatropha Algae Oil Blend Biodiesel as a Fuel. Mechanical Engineering 23.02.2022
  Arun Kumar Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Infrastructure-Less Network ECE 24.02.2022
  Sonali Mehrotra Effect of Elevated Co2 on Leguminous Edible Crop under Free Air Concentration Enrichment (Face) System Biotechnology 24.02.2022
  Yogesh Kumar A Real Time Automated Facial Expression Detection System. CSE 25.02.2022
  Pankaj Kumar Mishra Developing Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms using
Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network
CSE 25.02.2022
  Irphan Ali An NLP Based Question Answering System for Semantic Web CSE 28.02.2022
  Roop Singh Development of Efficient Watermarking Methods to Enhance Security. ECE 28.02.2022
  Kamal Kant Verma Human Activity Recognition in RGBD Videos using Deep Learning CSE 02.03.2022
  Ajay Rawat Design and Implementation of Adaptive Fault Tolerance Framework in the Cloud Computing Environment CSE 04.03.2022
  Anuj Kumar Segmentation and Classification of Dental D-ray Images CSE 05.03.2022
   Pawan Kumar Cryptanalysis and Design of Cryptographic Hash Function Computer Science 08.03.2022
  Papendra Kumar Analysis for Design of Adaptive Filter for ECG Signal CSE 14.03.2022
  Nirmendra Singh Bhaduaria Hemorrahage Detection using Brain CT Images CSE 14.03.2022
  Vijay Kumar Tonk Performance Study & Analysis of Two Way Relay Assisted FSO Systems. Computer Science 15.03.2022
  Ajay Kumar Design and Development of Broadband Circularly Polarized Antenna for ISM RFID and MIMO Antennas for Future 5G Application ECE 21.03.2022
  Pradeep Tiwari Molecular Phylogeny of Garra lamta (Hamilton- Buchanan) and Crossocheilus latius latius (Hamilton) using Mitochondrial Control Region Biotechnology 25.03.2022
  Poonam Tiwari Comparative Molecular Characterization of two Bottom Feeder Fishes Viz. Garra gotyla gotyla (Gray) and Glyptothorax pectinopterus (McClelland) using Mitochondrial Genes Biotechnology 25.03.2022
  Ankit Garg Structure Preservation of Objects in Content-Aware Image Resizing Technique and IFS Computer Science 31.03.2022
  Chandrashekhar Pendem Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) supported nanostructured materials for catalytic transformation of biomass to value added chemicals Chemistry 07.04.2022
  Sonia Chhabra Optimization of Cost Estimation Models Using Soft Computing Techniques CSE 11.04.2022
  Swarupanjali Padhi Nanostructured Drug Loaded Lipids for Management of Meningitis. Pharmacy 12.04.2022
  Namit Gupta Design and Development of Energy Efficient Protocol for WSN to Reduce Latency and Increase Scalability CSE 16.04.2022
  Neelam Sharma QoS Based Energy Efficient Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. CSE 18.04.2022
  Vikram Gupta Development Framework of Cloud Computing in the Implementation of ERP. CSE 19.04.2022
  Arun Kumar Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition using Soft Computing in Medical Imaging. CSE 21.04.2022
  Biswajit Das Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Gomti River Basin, India. Environment Science 22.04.2022
  Abhishek Chauhan Customer Relationship Management Practices in 3 Stars and above Hotels in Uttarakhand State. Management 25.04.2022
  Divyanshu Sinha Soft Computing Based Improved Face Recognition CSE 27.04.2022
  Yatendra Singh Bhandari Wireless Heterogeneous Ad-Hoc Networks: Model, Algorithms and Protocol Computer Science 28.04.2022
  Pravin Kumar Development and Evaluation of Topical Formulations Containing Phytoactives for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. Pharmacy 30.04.2022
  Neha Chaudhary Design and Performance Analysis of Latent Fingerprint Segmentation Algorithms. CSE 06.05.2022
  Divya Gupta Identification of New Antimircrobial Agents to Combat Antibiotic Resistance. Biotechnology 09.05.2022
  Navneesh Tyagi Influence of Organizational Justice and Organizational Culture on Managerial Effectiveness: A Study of Selected Institutions of Higher Learning. Management 10.05.2022
  Ajay Uniyal To Study the Prevalence and Antimircrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus In Garhwal Region. Life Science 10.05.2022
  Vikhyat Singhal Management Education and Employability: An Empirical Study of Management Institutes of National  Capital Region. Management 23.05.2022
  Suman Joshi Complex Dynamics of Jungck Ishikawa Iteration & Its  Applications Computer Science 24.05.2022
  Greeshma Arya Designing and Modelling an Energy Efficient Clustering Herirarchial Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network ECE 25.05.2022
  Shikha Tayal Optimization of BTS Site Location using GIS. ECE 03.06.2022
  Swati Rawat Intelligent Load Frequency Control of Multi Area  Hybrid Power System. Electrical Engineering 04.06.2022
  Pradeep Kothiyal "Behaviourial Characterization of [Al/Al2O3/Si3N4]p  Nanocomposites”. Mechanical Engineering 09.06.2022
  Bhupendra Kumar Arya “Studies on Aluminium Matrix Based Functionally Graded Materials Reinforced with Alumina Particle: Mechanical, Tribological and Thermal Properties”. Mechanical Engineering 09.06.2022
  Bibhuti Bhusan Rath “Design of Intelligent Controllers for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems” Electrical Engineering 21.07.2022
  Gorav Kumar Malik “Analysis and Investigation of Multiclass Arrhythmias” Electrical Engineering 23.07.2022
  Ashish Nainwal “Feature Extraction and Interpretation of ECG Signals” Electrical Engineering 23.07.2022
  Pragati Upadhyay "Enhancing the Frequency of Temporal Patterns through Special Constraints" Computer Science 25.07.2022
  Avinash Kumar Sharma Optimization of Infrastructure as a service model in Cloud Computing. CSE 06.08.2022
  Govind Prasad Arya “DNA Compression using soft Computing”. CSE 26.08.2022
  Parvi Bharti “Integrating In-Store and Online Shopping Practices: A  Study of Retail Product Segment in National Capital Region”. Management 27.08.2022
  Kishan Singh Rawat “Soil Wetness and Its Application using Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing”. Enironment Science 27.08.2022
  Sandeep Singh “Some Investigation into System Identification using Soft Computing Techniques”. ECE 01.10.2022
  Dev Baloni “Detection of Hydrocephalus using Segmentation and  Neuro Fuzzy Techniques in Bio-Medical Images”. CSE 03.10.2022
  Arushi Nishank “Leadership Styles and their Impact on Organization Effectiveness: A Study of Selected Indian Companies”. Management 19.10.2022
  Varun Pratap Singh “Performance Enhancement of Artificial Roughened Solar Air Heater by Using Perforated Multi-V Ribs in Double Pass Parallel Flow” Mechanical Engineering 22.10.2022
  Savita Petwal “Screening of Herbal Plants for their Antibacterial (Invitro) Activity Against Bacterial spp. Associated with various Dental Problems” Life Science 26.11.2022
  Richa Singh “Studies on Jute/Glass Fibres Polymer Composites using Unsaturated Polyester Resin Based Network Matrices” Chemistry 22.12.2022
  Smita Sharma “Study & Development of Body Area Sensor Networks (BASN)” ECE 31.12.2022
  Jai Kumar Mishra Pharmacological Study os Some Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand for their Antimalarial Activity with Emphasis on Resistance and Resistant Reversal Pharmacy 28.01.2023
  Prem Sagar Sharma Design of a Mechanism for Knowledge Based Web Page Ranking using Web Mining CSE 04.02.2023
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